Friday, December 5, 2008

Doggy Wear...

Ok it's obvious I love our puppy!! I recently received a few doggy shirts from my sister for Toby. Here in Wisconsin the weather is getting a bit brisk. It was 11* yesterday. We have already gotten almost a foot of snow in last week. So i need to keep my baby boy warm when he ventures outside to do his job. LOL He hates trying to pee in this shirt. It's cut kinda long on the bottom. Anywoo, i thought i would show you how he looks in it. Does it make him look Fat? :)

We have had Toby almost 2 weeks. {Saturday} he was 8 weeks on Wednesday. He is just starting to recognize his name when you call him. He's bitting & chewing on whatever he can get a hold of, mostly me and the kids. I'm sure this will pass in time as he's teething right now. Potty training is taking some time. I wake up at nite and take him out. For now i about gave up putting him in his kennel at night. If i don't hear him whine and take him out he'll crap in his kennel and i have more of a mess at midnight then i care to even think about. Sooo i put a little bed in the kitchen and he sleeps in that. Last Saturday i took him to Pet Smart he did very well didn't even pee on their floor. I might add he was a hit. Everyone loved him!! How can you not!
I have been working on a Riley snow card the last few days. I don't have it finished yet. I'll post it soon.
Are you ready for Christmas? I'm not. I just bought a few gifts the other day. We don't even have our tree up yet. {overwhelmed?...naaaa} LOL Well, my boys are up and it's time to get a start on the day. TGIF huh, I hope yours is a great one!
Have a wonderful weekend.


Laurel said...

LOVE it, too funny! An adorable puppy!

Kathi Carlson said...

SO cute!

Alanna said...

He is just as cute as can be. And no, I don't think it makes him look fat.

julie said...

He is adorable!!! Yes, Elsie is a cocker spaniel. Adopted from a rescue organization.

I am also loving all of your creative cards.

And a foot of snow!! We had a dusting the other night. Rare for Dec, here.


Janin huerter said...

He is so cute! My dog is an American Cocker as well. Her name is Tessie. She is my baby girl. I have three boys and her. She was my first baby. She is so good with my boys. She is turning eleven in two months. She is the best dog ever. My in-laws just got two American Cockers as well. She will breed them in two years and then we will get one of the puppies. They are the best dogs for families.

I can just love on your dog all day long.

Have fun!