Friday, November 28, 2008

Just an Update...

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We did too! :) My dad & his wife came to our house for dinner yesterday. {Charlie cooks the turkey every year, Yeah Baby!} It was so nice to see them. I haven't seen my dad since Fathers Day. My dad will be 82 this December. {Maxine is 73} He doesn't remember current conversations anymore. He can't remember things he said 5 minutes ago. But he can tell you about his childhood memories.
When i see him i try to get as many pictures as i can.
After dinner we all went out to my sisters trailer for desert. My 2 brothers, niece and nephew and their kids were their. It was nice to see everyone again.
We usually do Christmas in July every summer with the whole family, but we didn't do it this summer. My oldest brother left his wife after 35 years of marriage this past January for another women {sucks} and it just didn't seem the same without him and his family. But life has to go on and we will continue "Our Family Tradition" again. In hopes that my sister in law and kids will join us.
We are just lovin our new puppy Toby. He has adjusted so well to his new home with us. He barks in his kennel and at the back door when he has to go outside. Don't get me wrong he will squat in the house if he has to go. But training is going very well. He sleeps at night sometimes for 5 hours. He was up this moring at 4:00 barking and wanting to eat. Good Lord.. LOL
I'm sure he misses his brothers & sister. He plays so hard and loves to bite. His teeth are razor sharp. I was reading in a training book that puppies are like babies. When puppies play & explore their world they do it with their teeth, whereas babies have to touch everything. What it said was, when the pup gets a hold of you, or your clothers... {Whine like a puppy} and he will stop dead in there tracks and look at you. Yep it works. The book also said that when puppies play with there brothers & sisters they bite them, and a way of letting them know it hurts is to whine. Sooo we have been whining a lot... I know it sounds lame. I haven't raised a puppy in over 20 years. My other dogs were given to me. A Yorkie and 2 Cockers. I haven't had a dog in 8 years so this is a learning curve as well as a great Joy! He is so fun! Ok i don't mean to bore you. :)
Today is Black Friday?!? Charlie is getting 4 New Tires for his car today. Yippee
Well i better start my day. Have a woderful long weekend! Thanks for stoppin!

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Kathi Carlson said...

Nice photo, Kari! Your family sounds just like any other. A few troubles. Lots of love. As for your "baby," he's VERY cute. Take care.