Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Monday

Oh where does the time go. This weekend went by so fast. Saturday we just got stuff done at the house. Getting ready for winter. Charlie needed to clean out the garage so i can get my van in their. But that didn't happen just yet. Only so many hours in a day. Boxes of siding have to be re stacked.

We as a family are attending a new Church after 13 years at our previous. It's always hard to break ties. But i believe we made the right decision. Feelings of just being stuck in one place, and not able to grow caused an uneasiness in my heart. I have shared my feeling with my husband and a few close friends... {Thanks for listening Kisha!! } We are attending "Christ The Rock" We love it there. While we were just visiting week after week my boys begged Charlie to go back. {can we go again dad?} {Christ The Rock Mother Church is in Appleton Wi about 70 miles from here}
Sunday, instead of having Church we met together and set out to rake total strangers yards of there leaves. Our Pastor did this last year as a Church Outreach to the Community. Jesus gave/loved/served, so can we. We went to a trailer court and raked about 20 lawns. People were in awe when Pastor asked them if we could rake there lawn. {are you kidding?} After about 2 hours of raking we all went back to church for a nice luncheon. Tacos on deep fried Indian bread. yumm! Because the Church is new in town {2 years} and we don't have a Church building yet. We are renting an empty Pizza Safari Restaurant. It's huge, lots of room.

Like i said previously i have been working on some projects for my upcoming gathering i have on Saturday. I would love to post them but i don't want my hostesses to see them. They visit my blog.
Tomorrow Charlie is taking the day off. I get my grand daughters again. My boys have a 1/2 day of school. Sam & i have an ortho apt. at 3:00. Busy day.
Well i better get busy. I wanted to update and let ya know I'm still here. Thank you to my new subscribers & followers and just those of you that stop by to see what I'm up too. I love ya!!


Mommy Poulsen said...

What a nice service project for you and your family! Hope you like your new church! Can't wait to see the new projects.

I-59 and Assistant said...

we promise we can be surprised about the project on SAturday ... just a hint??

Nicole said...

I am glad to hear you are doing well!! Where are your Halloween pics? Did you guys not do anything?

I am glad also you feel like you made a step in spiritual growth that is so important!!