Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where Have I Been?....

Kinda all over the place it seems. Charlie is still on those crazy hours. Not home till 7:15 pm. He has next Saturday off and i think they might cut back his hours a bit then . We hope so! I feel like either one of us gets a break. The boys have adjusted to dads routine and it seems to be going well for them. They just know it's what it is right now. I'm the bad mom cuz i dish out the discipline. I'm with them more.

Anywoo, I signed up on Face Book this last week. What a cool place to hang out. I have been spending some time over there. I even got me a few friends. LOL My daughter signed up about 2 weeks ago and told me about it. She hooked up with a college room mate. I'm looking for some classmates. I have a best friend from 2nd grade i haven't seen or heard from since 1987. I know she lives in FL. I ran into her sister at WM about a month ago. I gave her my business card, blog addy, address, email. I hope she contacts me. Jean Marie {Carp} if you stop in here, or Face Book >>> Say Hi I would love to chat with you.
I'm hoping to make a fall card tomorrow. I'm thinking about the little pick up truck again. I love using that one.

I have a gathering on the 8th of Nov. The hostess asked for 30 invites. It freaked me out when she asked for that many. We'll see how many show. Other than that, it's been a busy life here non stop. But i still blog surf every morning and see how everyone is doing. Well my friends i'm gonna sign off and spend some quality time with the family. Saturday's Charlie is home by 5. You all have a great evening. Thanks for stopping by. I'll try not to stay away so long. But it happens.


Nicole said...

Hey Kar, glad to hear you are alive and hanging in there. I will cross my fingers for the cutting the hours back... that would be great for everyone. Have a great family filled weekend.

Love ya!

Sandra T. said...

Good luck with your gathering. Let us know how is went.

Anonymous said...

I just happen to stop by to see if you have added anything to your blog and sure enough. That means I will have to check in more often.
I will also look you up on facebook. I have way too much fun on there. David was happy to hear from Charlie this past weekend. He really thinks he is special. Take care!