Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy 7th Birth Day Micah!

It's Your Special Day!

Happy Birthday Baby Cakes! You'll always be my baby!
We celebrated Sunday. Micah picked out his own cake. Batman
on his Motorcycle of course. :)

Micah Francis {Francis after my dad} 10/21/2001 5lbs 13 oz 19" long.
4 weeks early and still a whole head of hair.

2 days old
4 months

8 months old. He had to hold that little toy, or he cried.
"WOW A Digital Camera"....I love it mom ! Now I know how you feel" LOL
He kept snappin pictures. Burned out 1 set of batteries already. I have since DL the software and the pictures look pretty good for a $20.00 camera which holds 72 pictures. {Wal-Mart}
Micah also got Wii ~Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games. Beijing 2008. Ha And $$ from his Grandparents. Thank You!

Micah has recently lost all 4 front teeth. 3 in one week.
Tooth fairy was busy & broke.
Micah has cupcakes today for his BD treat for school. And of course he wants to
bring his new camera for Show n Tell.
Our babies grow up so fast don't they! I miss the little years.
I started scrapbooking the year Micah was born 2001. I have kept a photo album from his birth till he was 7 months old. I have since started his own scrapbook and a few others. But i have all our pictures in Acid Free Photo Boxes with years & dates on them.
For me, as a scrapbooker i have often asked myself what story these pictures could tell if they just sat in a box or a photo album with no voice to tell their story. That's why i love what i do!! I have found such joy "Preserving Our Memories" And knowing I'm leaving these scrapbooks behind for them. They love to pull out their own scrapbooks and look thru them.
Well you all have a wonderful day! I need to start mine. Thanks for stopping by!


Jena said...

Happy Birthday, Micah! Look at that head of hair - how precious. I forgot how close in age he and Kaylee are - she will 7 in just a couple weeks. That poor tooth fairy, we did the same thing a couple weeks ago ;-) TFS and hope he had a great day!

Kari said...

Happy Birthday Micah... that has always been a favorite name of mine. Carson is missing his two front teeth and two bottom teeth...so it is funny to watch him eat apples. I know what you mean, I swear you blink and they are all grown up... makes me so sad, but happy too!

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh that is a TON of hair and it looks like he kept it for the most part. He is a doll and you look great after giving birth. Happy Birthday little guy!