Sunday, October 19, 2008

Aww Thanks Jena!

What a sweet surprise to receive this in the mail yesterday. Thank you Jena! What a sweetheart you are. I just love it. I have seen these on CTMH BB a while back, but never made one for myself. What a cool idea.
For those of you who are wondering what it is. It's a decorated VHS Case. And for crafters, it's used to put your crafty embellishments/tools in. I already know what I'm going to use it for. I have my CTMH distressing tools and i know they will fit perfectly. You'll have to tell where you found them with no circle plastic thingy's in the inside.
Thanks again! You made my day girlfriend. :)
Tuesday is my son Micah's 7th BD. {I'll try to post some baby pictures.. {then & now} Today we are celebrating it. We're going out to dinner with family/Mark & Christyl, baby girls & my sister & us.
All Micah has been asking for is a digital camera.{cheap one} He loves to take pictures. When i have my camera out he's always wanting to snap shots. He is actually pretty good. When he went with his dad this summer to take care of the bees. Micah played photographer. Other than a few bad shots he did pretty good.
Well i better get going. Things to do.
You all have a great Sunday! Thanks for stopping by!


Sandra T. said...

Great idea!!! Take care and Have a Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jena said...

You sure are welcome - thanks for your friendship and support! I don't have any fun Bella or Riley stamps to send you any fun images, so I hope this makes up for it ;-) I don't remember where I got these cases, as it was a couple years ago, but I may have gone in on a bunch with another consultant. I am actually trying to find more, but the ones with the protective cover to cover the artwork on the front. If I find something good I'll let you know! Enjoy your new tool kit!

Jena said...

Oh, yeah, and glad to see it arrived in one piece - I was a little worried about my packaging ;-P

Jenn said...

Absolutely adorable! I love the bits of red she used...perfect! :D

Julie Brown said...

Very pretty. I love this paper & the red with it makes it brighter.
PS-come over to my blog-I mentioned the pic of my sons for Christmas cards and I think it's on there & you'll see what I was talking about.