Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Harvest!

Hey I'm back... twice in one day. LOL
I had a great day today. I know it may sound a little selfish of me but i had the house to myself. Well till 3:30 and then i picked up the boys.
I went shopping this morning and finished my laundry, vacuumed the house, unloaded dishwasher, and cleaned my scrap room, only to dirty it up again. But heck i have tomorrow off too. :)
I made this card today not sure if i like it. I used all CTMH Products except the Truck. It's from Stampin' Up' "Loads of Love & Loads of Love Accessories" What a cute set. I used Copic Markers to color it.
I'm having a ball on Facebook. It's a neat place to hang out. I don't get all the Ornaments & Christmas Tree thingies being set to me. LOL I love it! I just don't know what to do with them. Where do you get stuff like that?
Anyway, I thought I would pop in and post my card before we left for the Fall Fest. Thanks for your comments and thanks for stopping by.

How Ya Been?

Good here, I've been working on some projects for my November Close to my Heart gathering. I would have posted my stuff here but the ladies that are hosting the party visit my blog and i wanted to keep our project a surprise.
I have the next 5 days off from watching my granddaughters. I plan to get a lot done here at home. I need to clean up my scrap room for starters.
Hey guess what! I have been wanting to get the Cricut Expression for sometime but i couldn't justify the purchase without selling my Original Cricut. I have heard a lot about Craigs List so i thought i would list it there. It's FREE they will keep your add posted for 45 days. Can you imagine what that would cost if you placed an add in your local newspaper? I put the add on Craig on Saturday the 25th and it sold yesterday! I received a few e mails but, the young gal "Megan" who was really interested in it bought it. She drove 50 miles, and picked it up last night. I got to show her how to use it. What a sweet gal! I know in my heart she was meant to have it. {Another Bug has a Good Home... Cricut.. get it} :)
So the Cricut Expression is the Cadillac of die cut machines. IMHO I bought it over the weekend. I can't believe all the extra features it has. Not to mention it will cut 1/4" to 23.5" in seconds. LOL
Anywoo, tonight me & the boys, my daughter and her husband and girls are going to a Fun Fall Fest thingy at a local AG Church. We went a few years ago and the kids had a blast. Candy, games, prizes that sort of thing.
Not much else going on. Charlie has the weekend off, a whole 2 days Yipee. He wants to get stuff put up and get ready for winter. We would also like to take the boys bowling. We haven't really had any family fun time in a while. I know they miss that when dad has to work all the time. We're hoping things will slow down a bit come Monday... We'll see... It's Day Light Savings this weekend. We get that extra hour of sleep. Spring ahead, Fall behind.
Well that's about all i have for now. I'm hoping to make a card while i have the time off, and play with my new toy.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where Have I Been?....

Kinda all over the place it seems. Charlie is still on those crazy hours. Not home till 7:15 pm. He has next Saturday off and i think they might cut back his hours a bit then . We hope so! I feel like either one of us gets a break. The boys have adjusted to dads routine and it seems to be going well for them. They just know it's what it is right now. I'm the bad mom cuz i dish out the discipline. I'm with them more.

Anywoo, I signed up on Face Book this last week. What a cool place to hang out. I have been spending some time over there. I even got me a few friends. LOL My daughter signed up about 2 weeks ago and told me about it. She hooked up with a college room mate. I'm looking for some classmates. I have a best friend from 2nd grade i haven't seen or heard from since 1987. I know she lives in FL. I ran into her sister at WM about a month ago. I gave her my business card, blog addy, address, email. I hope she contacts me. Jean Marie {Carp} if you stop in here, or Face Book >>> Say Hi I would love to chat with you.
I'm hoping to make a fall card tomorrow. I'm thinking about the little pick up truck again. I love using that one.

I have a gathering on the 8th of Nov. The hostess asked for 30 invites. It freaked me out when she asked for that many. We'll see how many show. Other than that, it's been a busy life here non stop. But i still blog surf every morning and see how everyone is doing. Well my friends i'm gonna sign off and spend some quality time with the family. Saturday's Charlie is home by 5. You all have a great evening. Thanks for stopping by. I'll try not to stay away so long. But it happens.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy 7th Birth Day Micah!

It's Your Special Day!

Happy Birthday Baby Cakes! You'll always be my baby!
We celebrated Sunday. Micah picked out his own cake. Batman
on his Motorcycle of course. :)

Micah Francis {Francis after my dad} 10/21/2001 5lbs 13 oz 19" long.
4 weeks early and still a whole head of hair.

2 days old
4 months

8 months old. He had to hold that little toy, or he cried.
"WOW A Digital Camera"....I love it mom ! Now I know how you feel" LOL
He kept snappin pictures. Burned out 1 set of batteries already. I have since DL the software and the pictures look pretty good for a $20.00 camera which holds 72 pictures. {Wal-Mart}
Micah also got Wii ~Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games. Beijing 2008. Ha And $$ from his Grandparents. Thank You!

Micah has recently lost all 4 front teeth. 3 in one week.
Tooth fairy was busy & broke.
Micah has cupcakes today for his BD treat for school. And of course he wants to
bring his new camera for Show n Tell.
Our babies grow up so fast don't they! I miss the little years.
I started scrapbooking the year Micah was born 2001. I have kept a photo album from his birth till he was 7 months old. I have since started his own scrapbook and a few others. But i have all our pictures in Acid Free Photo Boxes with years & dates on them.
For me, as a scrapbooker i have often asked myself what story these pictures could tell if they just sat in a box or a photo album with no voice to tell their story. That's why i love what i do!! I have found such joy "Preserving Our Memories" And knowing I'm leaving these scrapbooks behind for them. They love to pull out their own scrapbooks and look thru them.
Well you all have a wonderful day! I need to start mine. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Aww Thanks Jena!

What a sweet surprise to receive this in the mail yesterday. Thank you Jena! What a sweetheart you are. I just love it. I have seen these on CTMH BB a while back, but never made one for myself. What a cool idea.
For those of you who are wondering what it is. It's a decorated VHS Case. And for crafters, it's used to put your crafty embellishments/tools in. I already know what I'm going to use it for. I have my CTMH distressing tools and i know they will fit perfectly. You'll have to tell where you found them with no circle plastic thingy's in the inside.
Thanks again! You made my day girlfriend. :)
Tuesday is my son Micah's 7th BD. {I'll try to post some baby pictures.. {then & now} Today we are celebrating it. We're going out to dinner with family/Mark & Christyl, baby girls & my sister & us.
All Micah has been asking for is a digital camera.{cheap one} He loves to take pictures. When i have my camera out he's always wanting to snap shots. He is actually pretty good. When he went with his dad this summer to take care of the bees. Micah played photographer. Other than a few bad shots he did pretty good.
Well i better get going. Things to do.
You all have a great Sunday! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Pictures "With A Promise"

I was on a Mission Sunday to get Fall Pictures of my boys. My plan months ago was to get an outdoor family picture at Evergreen Park. {bridge, river, rocks} That didn't happen. With Charlie working as much as he does, and Mark & Christyl as busy as they are. I knew it would be hard to pull off to get everyone together.
Sunday Charlie had to take care of his Bees. "He's Bee Keeping." {for honey}
So i grabbed my camera and rounded up the boys and we headed out.
With A Promise.
Evergreen park was closed. There was a bike race going on. Plan B ...We went down by the lake. Rocks , Water and some Fall Colors.
{Edit... They are brothers. Although they love each other dearly and had complete instructions to "SMILE" there was still bickering going on between the two of them. Sitting still when there as a whole Lake Front to explore is not a boy thing. But there was still... A Promise

School pictures were taken last week. I just may cancel the package and go with some of these. I'm happy the way they turned out.

The Promise.... was when the picture taking was done we would go to the park. With Sam just having his tonsils out over a week ago he had limit his activity for 2 weeks. They had fun for the short time we were their.
Sam went back to school yesterday full days. He's able to eat now. His appetite is back.
Well i need to start my day. Boys will be up shortly. Grand babies will be here soon.
Have a Blessed Day! Thanks for stopping!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Peek A Boo...

I took these pictures of Cailyn last month. She was actually holding up the blanket herself. I kept saying "Peek A Boo" and acting like an idiot. It's amazing how silly we can be sometimes just to get those cute shots. Thank God for digital. :)
Products i used... CTMH Papers Sweet Pea Level 2 w/added Textured Watermelon CS for the Matt & Title. Letters from Cricut, Cartridge 101
After i posted the LO. I wished i would have random stamped the matt background before i put the title down. Oh well.
Sam went to school today {picture day} and he did very well. He has trouble swolling so i had the office sectary give him Children's Tylenol an hour before lunch. He's still not eating a whole lot. I packed him a 1/2 PP & J Yogurt, Pudding and an Ice Tea. All he ate was the PP & J. and drank the Ice Tea He's got a pile of home work to do and works on sheets daily. No gym or recess till the 20th. That's killing him. He wants to be outside.
Charlie is still working 75 miles down the HWY. And with it getting darker out earlier they still keep him a 1/2 hour later, { they got lights} Geese. I'm thankful he has a job but we miss him.
Well my Faithful Readers & Followers. Thanks for stopping in. Have a great evening with those you love! :)
I love you guys!

Monday, October 6, 2008

What's Happening

We spent a quiet weekend at home. Sam is healing but it's a slow process. I thought "Maybe" he could go back to school on Wednesday. {picture day} but I'm not going to push it.
Sam needed winter boots so we ventured out this morning to Fleet Farm after we took Micah to school. We got his boots and he started feeling sick and wanted to lay down. He is resting now. Oh but he sure does love his new Nerf Gun N-Strike Recon CS-6 .... boys :)
Off & on he has been doing some of his homework for school so he doesn't get that far behind.
After the 4th day after surgery he can now have milk.{he loves milk} Sam's been eating Oatmeal, Yogurt, Mac & Cheese. I made some Jello. We went to Mc ~D's, he loves there pancakes. He doesn't want to try any meat yet. {soft chicken} The nurse said to push liquids & Proteins and make sure he takes the pain meds w/ Codeine.... he gags
Charlie had Saturday off and had a few guys over to help with the siding on the house. We have about 3/4 of it done. We are pretty much ready to have the gutter guy back to hook up the downspouts. That might be all we do before winter.
I don't have my granddaughters this week so I might get to scrap something or made a card.
Well my friend! Thanks for stopping by and checking in on us. We are doing well...
Just a little shack happy.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Look Mom.... No More Tonsils

We {Micah & I} took Sam to the hospital this morning at 6 am to have his Tonsils and Adenoids out. Surgery was at 7:30. He did very well other than the fact he got sick 3 times. He was drinking his water so well after surgery. Not just taking sips, but really drinking it down with a straw. He ate 4 Popsicles and then the nurse gave him his meds, than he said he felt sick. He turned as white as a sheet. {no need to go into detail} We had to stay longer so they could watch him. They had to give him something to stop the vomiting.

Sam has been been resting/sleeping off & on all morning. We were able to take him home at 12:15.
He has been sleeping on the couch the last 3 1/2 hours. I have to wake him every 20 minutes or so to get him to drink. He is quite the trooper!

No school till at least the middle of next week. And no gym or recess for 2 weeks. I'm ready for a nap myself. Been up since 3:30am. Sam wanted to get up and see his dad off to work. What a boy!! Well that's about it. I'm gonna kick my feet up. Thanks for your thoughts & prayers & thanks for stopping by!