Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is This Right

I recently pulled out my Sledding Cuttlebug Folder and when i embossed it in the CB this is how it came out. The words are "Backwards" Is that the way it is suppose to look? This is the raised embossed side. I don't like it.

This is what it looks like when i turn it over. Now it reads right but embossing is not showing. I'm wondering if this folder was made wrong? Do anyone you have this one?
Oh well, as long as i'm here, tell the rain to go away. We are planning on working on the house Saturday and they are predicting Rain... Nooo!
We don't need that. We need a nice sun sunny day to get a lot done. Say a little prayer please.
Well I hope you are all having a nice hump day.
Catch ya later!


Sparkle said...

I don't have that I can't help with an answer. But it does look cute. I hope you get an answer to help ya.

Vicki said...

I have this one but I'm at work right now so I'll check when I get home tonight. That is very strange and I haven't used it yet so I hadn't noticed.

Kariberry said...

I had a friend e mail me and she thought the 2nd pic was correct. That it was to look like it was written in the snow. It's possible. But I'd like to know for sure.
It just strikes me as...."Weird"

Vicki said...

I finally remembered to check out my embossing folder and it's the same way as yours so I guess that's the way it's suppose to be. I see somebody said it's suppose to look like writing in the snow.

Kariberry said...

Thanks for checkin Vicki! I'm almost sure that's how it's suppose to look too.