Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School and Our House Progress

My kids went back to school yesterday. They have been looking forward to this for weeks. Micah has his same teacher from Kindergarten. She is a wonderful teacher, we love her! Sam is just a happy camper to back in the groove with his buddies again.
It sure is quiet in the neighborhood again. There were 10 kids between the age of 11 & 4 just on our side of the block this summer. It has been interesting to say the least. My boys have heard some new words they haven't heard before but promised not to repeat. {we can only hope} A young single mother down the block repeatedly uses the F word in front of her 6 year old son. When i asked her not to use that word in front of my boys let alone her own son. Her response was.... " I'll say whatever i want" A father on the other end of the block had the same response when my husband asked him not to use that language in front of the kids. What is it with parents now days? Kids will repeat what they hear.
My poor example. I was at Wal Mart this summer in a self checkout lane which i hate to use. As i was scanning my items, It was weighing them. But before i could bag them the scanner kept giving me errors. {i dunno why} With my two sons beside me & seeing my frustration. I said... "This Sucks" as i continued with my scanning and bagging.
We walked out of the store and my son Sam {8} says... "What does sucks mean mom"? I said.... "where did you hear that"? he said..."you said it in the store" LOL > They're listening.
Anyway about the house. We have made some progress over this last week and weekend. My sister & I have stained the deck, swing set and kids club house. Like i said in previous post it hasn't been stained in 5 years. Swing set not at all. It looks yellowish in pics but more brown in person. Stain color is Antique Brass by BEHR {if you are wondering}
My husband, Son in law and a friend were working on the house Saturday for nearly 9 hours. We are making progress again. Here is a little Slideshow as to where we are thus far.
My husband put in for 2 Saturday's off in the next few weeks. They'll be at it again
If you haven't been following Our Ongoing Home Progress you can see it by opening links under lables on my sidebar.
Well ya'll i need to head out and pick up my boys. Wednesday's are early release at school and i would hate to forget them again. It happened :)
Thanks for checkin up on me! Enjoy your Wednesday!
{edited in, added house pic}


Sandra T. said...

Your boys look way too cute!!! I've always made sure my kids aren't around people who use too many bad hubby does slip once in awhile but I quickly tell him to watch the mouth. Have a great day!!!!

Kisha! said...

handsome little guys you have there! Oh boy are you in trouble when they get to Tye's age! LOL

Nicole said...

Your house is coming along and is looking gorgeous I just love that color and that club house is just so darling! I think the stain turned out really nice on everything. It looks like you are getting done with it, do you have a lot left? Your boys are so darling, I cannot believe that about those adults! That would tick me off so bad!! That is sad for their own kids. Kadence was walking around the house on Monday singing son of a B** to a tune of her own. Kade and I looked at each other and were like is she saying what it sounds like she is saying??!?! It was funny but not funny you know. She hasn't said it again that I have heard since we told her not to. Who knows where she heard it... I slip the D word sometimes but I really am not a swearer and Kade is usually really good especially around the kids. BUT we do live on a ranch and there tends to be a lot of workers with foul language and sometimes they don't see the kids around.

Jenn said...

Hey girlie, your boys are so handsome and sweet! Glad to hear they were ready to get back to school!!! And the progress on your house is looking awesome!!! :D Hope all is well with you and take care! :D

Kari said...

Wow.... The house project is coming right along. I hear yaon the language thing... they are tape recorders of everything you dont want them to hear and microphones when they hear it.

Linda K said...

Hi. The house is looking great. Yes, little ones hear all (and seem to only recall what they shouldn't)!

BTW, this is the first time to you blog. Am enjoying it. Is your sister selling her Cricut cozys? They are the best I've ever seen. My baby Cricut has been naked since she arrived 2 years ago.


Jena said...

Hey, the house is looking great and the boys look so cute! Take care and have a great week!

Kariberry said...

Sorry Linda K. but my sister isn't making the Kozi Covers anymore, She said they were too time consuming. But if she ever goes back into it I'll let you know or post.