Saturday, September 27, 2008

Train Up A Child...

The joys of being a grandparent can not be explained until you become one. Before i became a Grammy i would hear grandparents make comments like... "Oh you'll love being a grandparent, you can love them, spoil them, and give them back" At the time i thought how rude is that. {parents have a hard enough job} LOL But it's true. They are not yours you get to love them, spoil them, but you give them back.
Watching my own daughter being a mother and loving her baby girls is so rewarding.

We teach our own boys the importance of praying daily and giving thanks to God for meeting our needs My daughter & son in law are teaching that to Meghan as well.
I have my 2 granddaughters {2 yo & 8 months} everyday M-F half days They are a joy!
I have been wanting to get a picture of Meghan for quite a while as she folds her hands to pray before she eats. One morning before breakfast this last week i snuck my camera into the kitchen and got this shot of her as she was praying over her food.

The title comes from one of my favorite scriptures...
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22;6

Products i used... All CTMH Papers.. Silhouette level 2, added Vineyard Berry, Dimensional Classic Alphabets sponge dabbed Brilliant Graphite Black Ink on the letters, SU Photo Corner Punch, Tab Punch for hidden journaling under picture, Ripple Scissors. White Gel Pen.

I'm waiting for my hubby to get home from work he wants to make a Wal-Mart run and pick up a few things. I guess that will be our outing. He wants to work on the house.
I better get ready and round up the boys. We'll be heading out.
Thanks for stopping by and Have a Blessed Weekend!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Harvest

I got to play today how fun was that! Charlie had to work. Sam had a play date at his friends house. Micah has a friend over. So that left me a little escape time.
I had ordered the New Originals Card Confidence Program from CTMH recently. What an awesome book! Lots of card making ideas. That's where this card was inspired from. And since fall is my favorite time of year I had to make this one. I love cool fall days.

Products i used. All CTMH... Except the Scor-Pal i used for the top of the card and a sanding block to bring out white core. I love these papers! {Abundance}
Anywhoo, We have my granddaughter Cailyn's Baby Dedication tomorrow at Church and a luncheon afterwards. Mark my SIL wants to come over afterwards and help Charlie put up some more siding.

I found out yesterday that I'm a Great Aunt. :) My Niece Kimberly had a baby girl on Sept. 14th. Lily Jane. {Kimberly's dad, my brother Ronnie} took his life 28 years ago on that date. {we will never forget} But now we can replace our memories of that awful day with the New Life of Lily. It's there first child. I can't wait to see more pictures. Nuff said.
I've had a headache & sore throat for the last two days i thought my head was going to explode. All i wanted to do was lay down. Well today i broke out with a cold. So that explains that. I rarely get sick.
Well you all have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Zoo Layout...but Not A Total Washout!

This is the layout I've been working on for a while. Escape time is hard to come by these days. My daughter & son in-law took their 2 girls & my two boys to the Zoo last month. They had a great time. Meghan seemed to have that expression on her face as to say... WOW ... Cailyn the baby is just enjoying the ride.
Products i used were "Zoo Friends" Stamp set from CTMH. I stamped the animals and cut them out and put foam squares behind. I inked dabbed the chipboard letters with Citrus Leaf and used Create A Shade { inspired by Kim} with a brush to give them a little shine. DP papers are from Hobby Lobby. I could have ordered the DP from CTMH but i wanted to get the LO together and didn't have those papers on hand. Oh well. I have a journal pull out tab on the right side of the 5x7 picture.

We had planned on working on the house yesterday. We had recruited 4 extra guys {family & friends} and all it did was rain. Nothing we can do about that. It happens. We did go and visit friends. I have to say that was the biggest blessing ever. I believe sometimes we don't always get what we pray for. I believe God rearranges our plans to give us something more meaningful. Does the house need to get done? Absolutely! But quality time shared with good friends doesn't happen everyday. And for that i am thankful!
Well the rain has finely stopped and my hubby is out there swinging the hammer again. We have another Saturday work day planned in a few weeks. I'll give you a heads up then. Hey thanks for stopping by. Oh and the Packers WON 48-25 They are 2 and 0. I think Arron Rodgers is pulling it off.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is This Right

I recently pulled out my Sledding Cuttlebug Folder and when i embossed it in the CB this is how it came out. The words are "Backwards" Is that the way it is suppose to look? This is the raised embossed side. I don't like it.

This is what it looks like when i turn it over. Now it reads right but embossing is not showing. I'm wondering if this folder was made wrong? Do anyone you have this one?
Oh well, as long as i'm here, tell the rain to go away. We are planning on working on the house Saturday and they are predicting Rain... Nooo!
We don't need that. We need a nice sun sunny day to get a lot done. Say a little prayer please.
Well I hope you are all having a nice hump day.
Catch ya later!

Monday, September 8, 2008

When Life gets tough...

What a true statement?
Here is a card i made a while ago. Thought i would post it.
These stamp sets are Retired from Close to my Heart. Let's Shop & Totally Chick. I used all CTMH products. Blush, Holly Hock, Black CS. Card is 6x6
I love how the card turned out, but i so love Bella better! This gal reminds me of Popeye's wife Olive. LOL
I have some cute pictures that my daughter gave me when her & her husband took all the kids to the Zoo. I picked up some cute dp paper at Michaels and I've been working on the LO for a while. I don't know how some of you ladies do it. Work full time and you play all night I'm sure? I envy you! :)
Anyway we have another work day planned for this Saturday and then again in Oct. Hopefully we'll get a lot done. Well thanks for stopping by! You all have a Super Tuesday!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School and Our House Progress

My kids went back to school yesterday. They have been looking forward to this for weeks. Micah has his same teacher from Kindergarten. She is a wonderful teacher, we love her! Sam is just a happy camper to back in the groove with his buddies again.
It sure is quiet in the neighborhood again. There were 10 kids between the age of 11 & 4 just on our side of the block this summer. It has been interesting to say the least. My boys have heard some new words they haven't heard before but promised not to repeat. {we can only hope} A young single mother down the block repeatedly uses the F word in front of her 6 year old son. When i asked her not to use that word in front of my boys let alone her own son. Her response was.... " I'll say whatever i want" A father on the other end of the block had the same response when my husband asked him not to use that language in front of the kids. What is it with parents now days? Kids will repeat what they hear.
My poor example. I was at Wal Mart this summer in a self checkout lane which i hate to use. As i was scanning my items, It was weighing them. But before i could bag them the scanner kept giving me errors. {i dunno why} With my two sons beside me & seeing my frustration. I said... "This Sucks" as i continued with my scanning and bagging.
We walked out of the store and my son Sam {8} says... "What does sucks mean mom"? I said.... "where did you hear that"? he said..."you said it in the store" LOL > They're listening.
Anyway about the house. We have made some progress over this last week and weekend. My sister & I have stained the deck, swing set and kids club house. Like i said in previous post it hasn't been stained in 5 years. Swing set not at all. It looks yellowish in pics but more brown in person. Stain color is Antique Brass by BEHR {if you are wondering}
My husband, Son in law and a friend were working on the house Saturday for nearly 9 hours. We are making progress again. Here is a little Slideshow as to where we are thus far.
My husband put in for 2 Saturday's off in the next few weeks. They'll be at it again
If you haven't been following Our Ongoing Home Progress you can see it by opening links under lables on my sidebar.
Well ya'll i need to head out and pick up my boys. Wednesday's are early release at school and i would hate to forget them again. It happened :)
Thanks for checkin up on me! Enjoy your Wednesday!
{edited in, added house pic}