Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'll be Picking a New Winner...

On Monday Morning for the Kozi Cricut Cover. It's been a week today and i have not heard from scrapincats "Whatz Up" She has till Monday Morning to contact me. Please read previous posts. T here are 2 names to go in the hat for the drawing Amanda & Sparkle. I will have my son pick a new winner. Thanks for playing everyone!
I'm headed out to visit my sister this morning. It's my turn to bring donuts. :)
Have a great weekend!


Veronica said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh can I win sumin???? a big ole bear hug from cutie pootie.....

where have you been girl??????

once again your art is amazing.... miss you tons

Kariberry said...

You make me LOL... Girlfriend!!!

Kisha! said...

Kari did you change your profile pic? I love it - for some reason it looks different!

Anywho - I gotta update my blog. I stopped at the Stamp convention in our area on Sunday afternoon (It was almost closed) and found a great new company - (I think)! I know you don't like cats, but I got the cutest set of cat stamps. The artist who draws them is very cartoony/comic bookish and it's really cool. I'll post the link when I have a chance. Tonight is my first day of school (FOR ME! YIKES)

Anyway - this could have been a blog update - love ya!