Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blog Candy & Sisters

I'm celebrating! But first off i want to say "Thank You" for stopping by my blog and taking the time to read and leave comments. I appreciate them!
In a previous post i mentioned Here when i reached 10,000 visits, my Blog Candy would have to do with the "Original Cricut and my Sister" Well this is it. These are hand made and they will fit the Original Cricut Not the New Cricut Expressions.
While my sister was recovering from her last back surgery about 2 years ago she made 4 of these Kozi Cricut Covers, pattern & all. She loves to sew. {She even named them} I am giving both away. All you need to do is leave a comment and Saturday Morning August 16th my two sons will draw two winners. Yep two!?! * I will post the winners on my blog.
{Cricut not included} :)
*I know this give away may not apply to everyone so i am also including that if you Do Not have the Orig. Cricut and still want to play, and your name is drawn i will still put a goodie package together anyway, but still draw another winner for the Kozi Cricut Cover. Fair is Fair Right! So just put Yes you have a Cricut, or No you don't with your comment. That way if two yes's are drawn i can stop. :)

I haven't been creating to much of anything new lately but i did make this framed Sisters Page layout about 2 years ago and i gave it to my sister when she was recovering. She loved it! I thought i would post it along with some other photos of her & I. The colored photo was taken at my daughter's wedding July 2004. I guess i need updated pictures. The framed black & white photos, i added blur through photo editing before i had them reprinted. I used a Sisters printed vellum overlay on black CS. Frame is 11 x 14
My sister recently had a few hardships. She lost her job after 19 years. Had to sell her house she bought a year ago.
I love ya Sis!!
Gosh isn't it fun to see pictures from the 1950's ? In black & white too yet. That's me with my sister Diana {aka Dee} Christmas 1957. I was 6 months old and Dee was 5 . Ok i just gave my age away. LOL

I was 13 months here and Dee was almost 6. This picture means a lot to me. My grandparents were sitting there in the lawn chairs with my 2 older brothers behind them. We did go back to this area for a weeks vacation when i was 11-12 yo. It's Butter Nut Lake, WI.
Well that's all i got for you for now. I hope you enjoy my give away.
Thanks again for stopping by! Isn't bloggin is the best!


Jenn said...

Oh how cute!!! If I owned a cricut I would so want one, but I don't own either. These covers are adorable...your sister did a fab job!!! :D Congrats on 10K hits!!! Your blog is full of inspiration and I love the little sneak peek we get into your life. Congrats!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 10,000 hits and no I don't have a Cricut


Vicki said...

Congratulations on your 10,000 hits, I come to your blog every day to see what you have posted. Thanks for sharing your talent. I don't have a cricut but I have a friend that would love this cover for hers.


Lisa said...

wow! This is an awesome giveaway!
I don't have the original Cricut, but wish I did.. Your sis is very creative, just like you!

Bunny B said...

Woohoo!! Congrats on your hits! :) Unfortunately, I don't own a Cricut. Great pictures :)

Pauline said...

Okay so those are super cute .. any chance she is going to make one for the expressions! Or two maybe three ...

Stacy said...

These are so cute! I don't have a crcut, but I would love this if I did!
Hope you are doing well! :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching 10,000! No, I don't have a Cricut... but what a great job your sister did on the covers.


Amanda From: AJ's In-Sanity Center said...

Wow those covers are neat!

I do have a cricut, but I'm not sure if its the new one or the old one... I think the old one. :) it only does 6x12 sheets of paper. :) If that helps any.

Kari said...

How Cute are those..... I do have a cricut, But I have the expression. But what I am most interested in is.... will she make more..I mean ones for the Expression? I can't sew a straight line, and I would pay for one of those for the Expression.

Anonymous said...

Ah, those covers are adorable! And I do have an original Cricut! Love the gift you made for your sister too.

Stampin Cats said...

Congrats on the blog hits. I do have the original cricut. I would be happy to with either prize. Thanks so much for sharing.

Kisha! said...

ok so I love the first one it is so dainty and cute and adorable. I don't own ANY Cricuts but if I did I'd definitely want one of these. YOur sister is super talented! I can't sew to save my good thing most people don't need to sew to actually save their lives! LOL

How are ya? Things are BUSY here!

Jena said...

What fun pics - I just love looking back at pics from my childhood - thanks for sharing yours! Congrats on the hits - and what awesome covers! If I had a Cricut I would definitely want one of those! Hope you're having a great week - take care!

BTW, I lost your mailing address, do you mind e-mailing me with it again?

Cindy Vernon said...

I have an original cricut and would love to win!

cpullum said...

Love the pictures they are priceless!!!