Friday, July 18, 2008

Weathered The Strom

We survived the Storm Wednesday afternoon. It knocked out our power in our neighborhood for 5 hours. Talk about inconvenience. You get so use to the comforts of home and then in a split second it's all turned off. I'm so thankful for everything we have, and all the conveniences we have. Yet we take for granted thinking they will always be there.
Winds were clocked at 79 mph. I don't remember ever seeing winds that powerful here. Trees were down in some parts of the city. Tornado was spotted in Sheboygan Falls {about 5 miles away} My husband was at work 73 miles down the road. Me & the boys went into the basement for little awhile. Micah was crying. After the storm passed we still had no power so we went driving around to check out the city. Some trees were laying in the middle of the street. This picture here is by my daughter & son in laws house. That is their red roof top. Their neighbors tree got blown down.. They said it hit a car.

Not much else new in my world.... My husband is BEAT, 15 hours away from home a day is really taking a toll on him. Up at 3:15am and home by 6:30 -7:00 pm Sometimes 8pm. Depending if he has to work later. When the Power House job opens up here in town. He's going to jump on it. Until then this is where we're at. "Tired & Thankful!" He's taking Monday off. Yea Baby!

I'm working on a single page layout of Meghan again. I should be done with soon.
You all have a great weekend. Be Blessed!! Thanks for stopping by.


Jenn said...

Glad to hear you are all OK!!!
Your poor, poor husband! I hope he gets a job closer to home soon! Take care girlie!!! :D

Veronica said...

wow, look at that tree.... wow wow wow...

sorry haven't been around much bd had major surgery....

how are you and mr cutie pootie???
miss you tons