Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some Maintenance

Ok I've been trying to change my user name in my blog account. I went to Help in Blogger and took the steps to get this figured out. I can only hope.
I asked a few posts back about how to change my user name for this Blog Account. {I don't want to start a new blog}. The reason being... my user name is an old e mail account my hubby and i had, and that will expire this year. So i needed to change my user name to my Yahoo Account. {confused? sorry} I think i was able to do that.
By Signing In to my blog, and going into Settings and Permission Tab. From there i had to add an Author {my new user name...} and send myself an Invitation. Than in my e mail i Except The Invitation. Go back to blogger and log in
My second goal in all this was leaving a direct link to this Blog after leaving comments. I'm still fine tuning this. My brain has had enough.
I think my CTMH Sistah & blogger friend Kari By George might know something about this. Her & her hubby share a blog. Different Accounts?? I may have to pay her a visit and see if she knows anything about it. LOL She's a sweetie!

Anyway, with my husband working these crazy hours and away from home so much my boys asked yesterday if they could get up before daddy leaves for work so they could see him and have breakfast with him. Bless Their Heart. Charlie woke them both up at 3:30am this morning and they came downstairs and had breakfast together. I got up while they were all eating and walked into the kitchen, both Sam & Micah were bright eyes and smiles and gave me a big ole hug. I think them being up in the middle of the night was a big deal to them. They watched dad leave for work. I think it made their day/morning. I tucked them back in bed {by request} and they slept till 8 - 8:30 this morning. I had a very quiet early morning. How nice.
Well i need to get moving and get things done. You all have a great evening and thanks for checking on me!


Sandra T. said...

Time with Dad is so precious!!!

Veronica said...

COPIC MARKER TIME check out the blog

hugs V