Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Color Is... IVY

I'm so excited! We started siding this morning and it's starting to look real pretty. I had a neighbor yell from across the street... " I Love The Color" "So do I" I said. :)
My husband was out of commission over the weekend, he pinched a nerve in his back so he was pretty much in his recliner for 2 days. As of yesterday he's feeling much better. Moving slow though. He's laid off this week which is probably a good thing. His good friend Frank is helping him today.
I have a little slideshow of pictures from last few days > Here
Here is where we started mid May >>> #1 #2 #3 <<<
I'll post more updates over the summer as it starts to look more completed. But as of today this is where we are. Yea! And they are still working. The foundation will be Almond.
Thanks for stopping by.


Nicole said...

Oooh Kari!! I really like that color and the Almond foundation, your house is going to look so classy and gorgeous!! I can't wait to see the finished product! Thank heavens for pictures huh!! Yay! I am so excited for you, thanks for keeping us included in your project.


Kariberry said...

Gosh you're so welcome! It's so fun to share this with the "WORLD" LOL. They are just starting the front now bcuz the framing around the windows aren't done yet on that side. "Oh Happy Day"

Jenn said...

Kari, the color is fabulous!!! I really love it and the almond foundation will look perfect with it. Keep the pictures comin'! Hope you husband starts feeling better! :D

Stacy said...

Yeah! You must be so excited!

Kim said...

Wow! What a project. I love that color too. I bet it is going to look fabulous when it is finished. Nice work!

Jenn said...

Hey there!
Just wanted to let you know I left you something on my blog!
Have a great day! :D

Jena said...

Looking good!