Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some Maintenance

Ok I've been trying to change my user name in my blog account. I went to Help in Blogger and took the steps to get this figured out. I can only hope.
I asked a few posts back about how to change my user name for this Blog Account. {I don't want to start a new blog}. The reason being... my user name is an old e mail account my hubby and i had, and that will expire this year. So i needed to change my user name to my Yahoo Account. {confused? sorry} I think i was able to do that.
By Signing In to my blog, and going into Settings and Permission Tab. From there i had to add an Author {my new user name...} and send myself an Invitation. Than in my e mail i Except The Invitation. Go back to blogger and log in
My second goal in all this was leaving a direct link to this Blog after leaving comments. I'm still fine tuning this. My brain has had enough.
I think my CTMH Sistah & blogger friend Kari By George might know something about this. Her & her hubby share a blog. Different Accounts?? I may have to pay her a visit and see if she knows anything about it. LOL She's a sweetie!

Anyway, with my husband working these crazy hours and away from home so much my boys asked yesterday if they could get up before daddy leaves for work so they could see him and have breakfast with him. Bless Their Heart. Charlie woke them both up at 3:30am this morning and they came downstairs and had breakfast together. I got up while they were all eating and walked into the kitchen, both Sam & Micah were bright eyes and smiles and gave me a big ole hug. I think them being up in the middle of the night was a big deal to them. They watched dad leave for work. I think it made their day/morning. I tucked them back in bed {by request} and they slept till 8 - 8:30 this morning. I had a very quiet early morning. How nice.
Well i need to get moving and get things done. You all have a great evening and thanks for checking on me!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Blogging Friends Forever

I received this "Blogging Friends Forever" award from Laurel "Thank you for your sweet comments you leave me!"
She is an Awesome Blogger, a CTMH Sistah, and a Sweetheart of a friend! She's an inspiring paper crafter. I love to visit her blog. She just came back from a trip to Japan. Check out her blog.

Here are the rules for this award.
1) Only 5 people are to be nominated.
2) 4 out of the 5 have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3) 1 has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4) You must link back to whoever gave you the award.

It's always hard to choose a select few for these awards because there are so many deserving. If others want to play along, jump in.
I Love You All Too!! = D

Nicole Kisha Jenn Stacy ?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Crayon Resist

I was messin around yesterday and made this card. It's using the crayon resist tech. I love the way it turned out. There have been so many examples of this tech. on blogs that it's hard to give credit to one person.
I used CTMH White Daisy Card Stock {Next time i'll try it on Glossy Photo Paper and a brayer} Random stamped flowers using CTMH Stamp set Happiness {I love this stamp set as much as i love Sweet Flowers} It's a keeper.
I used Blush Ink and than took the white crayon and colored in the white spots on the flowers. I used a makeup sponge and dabbed it with Sunny Yellow Ink. I recently bought the Scor-Pal ~ How cool is that. Scored the Blush card stock and sand distressed it with a nail sanding block.Added Ricrac.
As you see i edited/deleted some of my previous post. I just felt i didn't need to whine and complain about my husbands job situation any longer. It is what it is, and it's what we are dealing with right now. We're just thankful he has a job. Nuff said!
Well you all have a great weekend thanks for stopping by.
And remember when i reach 10,000 hits. It's another Blog Candy Give Away. See previous post. Later

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello There

Edited >>>I thought i would check in since i don't have any art to post for now.
I do have a question for anyone who can answer this. I have an account in Google/Blogger like all of you do who blog. How do i change my user name yet keep my same account for my blog. If i make a new Kariberry97.blogspot.com and i leave you a comment on your blog it will not direct you to this blog, I tried. So how do i keep this acc. but yet change my user name. I hope this makes since.
I'm finishing up some birthday pages i did for the boys and my hubby's surprise birthday party i had for him in December. I'll post when finished.

Other than that not much else new. I have not so nice news. My sister lost her job after 19 years. Long story short. With the 3 back surgery's she's had the last 3 years she has healed very nicely. And was back to work for a year straight. Praise God for that! But she injured her hands at work years ago and she had Capo Tunnel Surgery. When the company she works for sold out a year ago and the new owners bought them out, they had stipulation {New Contract} about job injuries and not keeping the people that can't perform there job duties. So my sister was let go one day before her 30 day transfer from 2nd to 1st shift. They called her in the office and told her they had to let her go. Sucks, I know. The Company makes Mats and Dash boards for Ford & GM Trucks.
She came here the day she was let go {a few months ago} and just bawled her eyes out. She lost her house had to put it up for sale. {sold} {bought it a year ago} She's moving this weekend. She bought a small mobile home for 4,500. in town here. I feel so bad for her. She has been taking some cleaning jobs to bring in extra $$. Those of you that pray please pray for my sister Diana AKA "Dee"
God said... And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8;28 NIV
Some days are really hard for her.
When i reach 10,000 hits on my blog which I'm sure i will. I'm having a special Blog Candy Give Away in her honor. I'll give ya a hint. It has to do with " The Org. Cricut Die Cut Machine & My Sister" Weird combination Huh. So keep it in mind and check back.
We bought a Wii over the weekend, how fun!! The boys have been playing & inviting their friends in. I guess that's why I'm able to sit here and update while there playing. I wanna have a play date with my friends. LOL Tennis/Golf is fun.
Well that's all i got for now. Thanks for stopping. Be Blessed!

I got this from a friend and it was too good to keep to myself... Enjoy

Finding Joy ~ Inspiring Click Here

Friday, July 18, 2008

My granddaughter will have some cute/silly pictures of herself when she grows up. Meghan loves to dance. You just turn the music on and she starts moving.
{I don't have the date on the LO yet. I need to find out how old she was. Maybe 20 months.}
I always show the layouts i do of Meghan to my daughter Christyl. You can see the smiles on her face when she sees her daughters pictures scrap booked. "Memories Preserved" Before Meghan was born. Christyl's friend & i put together a 8x8 scrap book of her pregnancy and prepped some pages. All she had to do was place the photo's in the scrap book. The only deal was, she had to keep it current for Meghan's first year. {it's not quite done}
My daughter has scrap booked with me a few times. I know she enjoys it. But it's not something she is addicted to like her mother. LOL I love it!!

The page...I used CTMH Serendipity {Heart of Winter Project Pack}. Dimensional Elements for the D & B with paper on the letters and cut around them, the other letters are from WM. CTMH RicRac Collection, Misc. Brads.
Well i think i said enough for one day and sat here long enough. I need to finish my laundry. I think we might pick up a fish dinner tonight.
Sounds good to me.
As always thanks for stopping by!

Weathered The Strom

We survived the Storm Wednesday afternoon. It knocked out our power in our neighborhood for 5 hours. Talk about inconvenience. You get so use to the comforts of home and then in a split second it's all turned off. I'm so thankful for everything we have, and all the conveniences we have. Yet we take for granted thinking they will always be there.
Winds were clocked at 79 mph. I don't remember ever seeing winds that powerful here. Trees were down in some parts of the city. Tornado was spotted in Sheboygan Falls {about 5 miles away} My husband was at work 73 miles down the road. Me & the boys went into the basement for little awhile. Micah was crying. After the storm passed we still had no power so we went driving around to check out the city. Some trees were laying in the middle of the street. This picture here is by my daughter & son in laws house. That is their red roof top. Their neighbors tree got blown down.. They said it hit a car.

Not much else new in my world.... My husband is BEAT, 15 hours away from home a day is really taking a toll on him. Up at 3:15am and home by 6:30 -7:00 pm Sometimes 8pm. Depending if he has to work later. When the Power House job opens up here in town. He's going to jump on it. Until then this is where we're at. "Tired & Thankful!" He's taking Monday off. Yea Baby!

I'm working on a single page layout of Meghan again. I should be done with soon.
You all have a great weekend. Be Blessed!! Thanks for stopping by.

Thank You Stacy!

What a sweet surprise. I received this in the mail yesterday from Stacy. Check out her blog she does amazing work. She's also a CTMH Sistah.
I love the card & images you sent me. I don't have any of these Riley's so it's a real treat. Your friendship & kindness means a lot. Bloggin is so fun. Not only are we Inspired by eachothers blogs, but we can also surprise someone we may never meet with an RAK (Random Act of Kindness) package. But it's a double blessing when you get something in return. Though it is not necessary, i do appreciate it & i love it!

Thanks again!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I thought i would try out my little pink gem stones i got from Jenn. {thank You}
I've always loved this stampset {Sweet Flowers} from CTMH. It's one set i can't part with . I stamped it on White Daisy CS base with Blush Ink and i used a vellum overlay. If you are looking for an adhesive that will not show thru vellum this is it >>> {ATG 714 Red Scotch Gun} Framers in craft stores use it for matting pictures. It works great for all paper crafting/ scrap booking/ card making. I love the thing! I use the 1/4 Gold Adhesive. It's permanent! If i get request for more info on it i will post more about the ATG Gun. Anyway the other stamp set i used was CTMH Friendship Blessings, Oval Scallop Punch, & Oval Punch, Chocolate Ink & CS, Foam Dots. I like how it turned out.

Some of you asked how we are doing on our house siding progress. This is it. It looks so nice here at home. Some people have even drove by and said they loved the color. They must have remembered what it looked like before we took off the other siding. Yuck. {See our house in progress, on side bar}

The front is looking good!
This whole upper side has since been wrapped

My boy's Sam & Micah

Well I've been feeling much like the single parent this past week. My hubby is on mega OT plus Saturday's and his 150 mile drive each day doesn't keep him at home much. We miss him! We see this new job location as a Blessing!! Even though the miles are more than he traveled at his other job for 2 years. {He was 30 miles from the house} Now they are paying his mileage. Praise The Lord! He still gets to do what he loves, Operating Cranes.
He says the house will be done before winter. I don't really care. I know his days are long enough as it is. So what we get done, we get done! I'll keep you posted. Well, that's about all i have for now. A dear bloggin friend had recently said to me... "Thank you for letting us peek into your life" I feel the same way when i get to read about you and your lives on your blog. We are getting a window into your world. Thank You!!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank You Jenn!!

I received this RAK {random act of kindness } package in the mail yesterday. What a surprise!! You couldn't wipe the smile off my face for nothing. My cheeks even hurt. LOL
Thank you so much >> Jenn! << I love the beautiful cards you made and the sweet note you tucked inside it. The Sparkles, Ribbon, Flowers, Dewdrops, and Images you sent me are very much appreciated and so is your friendship! I will definitely be playing with my goodies soon. She is also a CTMH Sistah. If you haven't checked out her blog lately do so. She does beautiful work, and is so creative!
Thanks again Jenn!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pagemaps LO... "I Pretty"

Becky Fleck has a Pagemaps sketch on her "New Blog" and she is having a contest to celebrate. I have her pagemaps book & cards, but i have never done a sketch before so i thought it would be fun. Check it out here and give it a try.
When i seen these pictures my daughter took of her daughter Meghan the evening of her 2nd Birthday Party i knew they would work for this sketch.
When Meghan had some of her Princess /Rock star/Movie star stuff on, She said... "I pretty"
All Papers are CTMH, B&T Paper is from Paper Garden Level 2, Some Misc. Flowers, {Stamped Dots in Punched Circles} Cricut Font 101, Sunglasses are Die Cut.
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Watermelon Meghan

I had my 2 yo granddaughter the other day, and having watermelon in the house i couldn't resist getting these pictures of her.
Using the stamp set from CTMH "Summer Sweetness" was just perfect for this LO. {Y & M were cut with the Cricut Disney Fonte w/ black shadow } I also used CTMH stamp set "Spot on Background" on the Y & M and on the pull out journal tab which is hard to see.
Hope you all had a Great 4th. We went by our friends house for a cook out and a pool party. Kids had a blast swimming. It was a beautiful day!

Thanks for stopping by. I'll post up dated pictures of our house progress soon. It's a never ending project this summer.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I was given this award by Jenn She is such a sweetheart. She does amazing artwork it's gorgeous. You must check out her blog. Though we may never meet i still consider her my friend!
Sooo the rules for this award: 1) The winner can put the logo on her blog.2) Link the person you received your award from. 3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs. 4) Put links of those blogs on yours. 5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated.
So the 7 I am going to nominate are:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Color Is... IVY

I'm so excited! We started siding this morning and it's starting to look real pretty. I had a neighbor yell from across the street... " I Love The Color" "So do I" I said. :)
My husband was out of commission over the weekend, he pinched a nerve in his back so he was pretty much in his recliner for 2 days. As of yesterday he's feeling much better. Moving slow though. He's laid off this week which is probably a good thing. His good friend Frank is helping him today.
I have a little slideshow of pictures from last few days > Here
Here is where we started mid May >>> #1 #2 #3 <<<
I'll post more updates over the summer as it starts to look more completed. But as of today this is where we are. Yea! And they are still working. The foundation will be Almond.
Thanks for stopping by.