Friday, June 13, 2008

What's Up

We had some what of a beautiful day today considering the State of Wisconsin is somewhat flooded. So many people have flooded homes and some have lost everything. (Please Pray)
{edited in} I just found out my brother lost his mobil home. {Watertown WI} It's flooded. He's living with my dad & his wife.
It rained this afternoon for a bit, but they were able to do some wrapping on the house. My son in law helped today while i watched my grandbabies, Christyl was working.
I had a doctor appointment at 11:00 this morning. I've been having some problems, coughing after i eat, clearing my throat, and then at times i loose my voice. My dad had the same thing a few years ago. (He had surgery and had pollops removed from his vocal cords.) So i thought i better get it checked out and see "What's Up" After the Dr put the camera down my n*#@ (yuck) He told me i had a severe case of Acid Reflux. Yikes! He said it was treatable with meds/diet or surgery.
4 Things I have to give up for sure.

1) NO More Coffee (Oh NO Not That... I LOVE My Morning Cups.
2) No More Chocolate... OH Pleeease
3) My Tic Tacs (No more mint)... No problem
4) Tomatoe Based Foods... I love Sketty
I can do this. It was a bit of a shock to hear the news today. But i'm OK :)
{edit note} I have No heartburn or Discomfort with having this AR. Coughing at night is not a problem either.

I have some Good News. Sunday is my Birthday/Father's Day. My husband let me buy a Set of Emeril Ware Pots & Pans. ( I found them on HSN) (My current set is 11 years old)
I guess now that i have to eat differently i'll be cooking more often . Ha
Well that's all that's up in my Korner. We have a busy weekend. My dad will be in town on Sunday, and we'll have a birthday/father's day dinner together with my kids.
Thanks for stopping by... Have a great weekend... & stay dry!


Kari said...

I am so sorry to hear about the acid reflux... it is a yucky might want to try to sleep with your head slightly elevated (wedge under your pillows or mattress) This helps particularly if you happen to have acid reflux at night.

Happy Early Birthday! Enjoy your day and the new pots and pans.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kari!
Congrats on scoring the excellent birthday gift! Happy Birthday to you!
Just wanted to let you know I have the dreaded acid reflux, and as long as I take my medicine I can pretty much eat and drink what I want, including my mandatory 2 cups of coffee in the morning and chocolate.. YEAHHHHH!! There are a few exceptions-Spicy foods are no no's!
Good Luck.

Nicole said...

Oh darn it!! Well... at least those few things you have to give up will make you healthier over all as well. After the headaches are over and done with from stopping the coffee...I bet you will be surprised how much better you will feel. You can totally do it!! You are amazing and strong willed and can totally do anything you WANT!!! Yay! I am glad it was nothing more serious.

Happy Birthday I hope your day tomorrow is so awesome and you will love you pots and pans.


Stacy said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you love your new pots and pans!

Kari said...

Just wanted to stop in real quick and tell you Happy Birthday today....

Jenn said...

Sorry to hear about your AR, I hope it gets better for you. Hope you have a Happy Birthday on Sunday and I'm sure you'll be cooking up some good dishes with those new pots & pans!!! :D