Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Progress On The House

We are making head way on the house. (insert smile here) It was a beautiful weekend, sunny and in the 70's.
I think this is the worst part because of the high peak. While Charlie was up to the top on the ladder i found myself just holding on to the bottom of it. I don't like him being that high up.
My boys wanted me to take them to the park to play tennis. I told them NOT while dad was on the ladder. So what do they do? (Sam) Asks dad if he'll be alright while i take them to the park. Kids?
We got the upper part of the shingles on the front off, and also got it wrapped (all but 1 part) I have a little Slide show so you can see the progress we are making. Next work day maybe Friday. Enjoy!


Lisa said...

I love how the boys look. Like "oh yeah, its all cool that we cant go play tennis" LOL

Kariberry said...

LOL Lisa. That's about it. Sam bugged me FOREVER to take them to the park. We bought tennis rackets over the wkend.

kari said...

I don't know what is worse renovations or packing to move.... Bless your heart... I am not good at either....

kari said...

You are right... those boots look identical to the ones Carson has... However he has discovered that they are real sweaty when i is too hot.

Jena said...

Lookin' good!

P.S. You've been tagged and awarded - check out my blog for info! If you already got these - sorry ;-P

Veronica said...

Hey where is the hottie at?????????

sorry I haven't been around it has been crazy since returning back from vacation... I am so over it.

got any room for a fellow stamper? I will just come there....but then you would have to hide the hottie..hahahahahaha

oh okay I will just bring my hottie with me too.

hugs Veronica