Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Micah's 1st Practice

Since this was Micah's 1st time playing softball i thought
i would post some pics of his first practice. This was yesterday.

I was going to title this post... Micah & his fans. LOL
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Here, the coaches are dividing the teams.

They are getting there shirts

Making sure the gloves fit. There team is called
The Orange Tigers

Practicing catching the ball.

I think he missed this one but it looks like he's trying really
hard to get it in the glove.
They'll have games on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. But for now i think it's just practice catching and hitting the ball. :)
Well I'm gonna try and get in my scraproom tonight, I need to play with my stuff.
You all have a good evening and thanks for stopping by!


Kari said...

Great Pictures... Love the orange jerseys... of course that is the color we had for soccer!

Stacy said...

i can't wait for my son to start sports. So fun!
Hope to see your creations soon!