Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Meghan

It's Meghan's Birthday today. On Saturday the 7th was her Party. In this pic she had just woken up from a much needed power nap. They put her down an hour before her "party friends arrived" LOL She had a runny nose all day so we didn't know if she was coming down with something. She didn't smile all day and that's not her.
I have a little sideshow of pictures of her party if you would like to see them Click Here

My boys had more fun in this bouncy thing than any of the other kids. Mark & Christyl bought it for the party. It takes a minute to inflate. It holds up to 200 lbs of weight and it was only $99.00. Wal Mart on line. Definitely worth it they said.
Anyhoo, we get our new dishwasher today. Yeah!! The roofers got the roof done in a day and 1/2. I'm so thankful it's done.
Provided it doesn't rain on Friday Mark (sil) and Charlie will work on wrapping the house. Than hopefully we'll see some "Vinyl" soon. :)
Thanks for stopping and have a great week!


Jenn said...

Awww, Meghan is sooo cute!!! Looks like your boys had a blast!!! Glad to see the roof went on without a hitch!!! :D

bellameabhn said...

awww...happy birthday meghan! you look so cute in your sun hat and dress!
what a great deal on a jumper! i'm used to seeing them for $199! great score kari!

Nicole said...

That party looks like it was a blast!!! I wish I could have been there to play with all that silly string. Those girls are absolutely beautiful, both of them look so different but they are both just darling!! What a lucky grandma.


Bunny B said...

Happy Birthday Meghan!! What a cutie! :)