Saturday, June 28, 2008

Softball LO

This is Micah my 6 year old sons 1st time playing softball so i wanted to get these pages scrapped ASAP. It was fun putting them together. I've been working on them off & on this past week. I even got to try out my circle shape template i bought a few weeks ago. I used it to make the 1/2 circles on the page. It works great. I like that you can make circles from 2" to 10"

CTMH Stamps i used... Softball, Giggle LC, Solo 8, i used liquid glass than cut it out.{ i let it dry over night} Letters on 1st page are Cricut {Printing 101}. With added bat & ball { misc. stickers } SU Punch, I made the photo book from cutting up a photo page protectors {4} I adhered them together and added black cs topper & brads, also a journaling sheet inside.
2nd page i used CTMH Game On Paper for the diamond, added orange on outside. I used pictures of the trees & grass and ran them through my Cricut to cut out Softball Practice. They cut like butter No problem at all. The picture inside is a 5x7 with small pics for the bases.
I'm happy the way it turned out. It just took me a few days to put together, when you have 2 boys and all they want to do is be outside. I had some bribing to do. LOL

Hubby was working on the house yesterday. He was reaching up and pinched a nerve in his back. He's in pain but wants to be outside working. (what is it with men wanting be outdoors)
LOL Anyway, he's in between jobs and layed off till the 7th of July. {His next job will take him 73 miles from the house one way, dang it} But good news is, they are paying his gas milage. What a blessing.
He hopes to get alot done in a week. He put up the 1st piece yesterday Corner Post & Starter strip... YEA!! I'll have updates posted soon.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Gals

I had fun making this card today. They are quite the pair. LOL I think anytime is happy hour for these two gals. LOL... I can certainly relate to their expression.
I needed to replace this card. I gave away my other one "He's Hot" with my Blog Candy Give Away. So this is what i came up with.
It was close to 80 today so i told my boys if i could get some work done in the house that i would take them to the Spray Pad before lunch. {what a deal} . We went. They always want to be outside.
I've been working on Micah's Softball pages today as well. I might have them done tomorrow.
Anyway, products i used... The Gals Stamp.{American Artstamp} CTMH Stamp Set, Make It Count, Papers, Silhouette & added Cranberry CS, Cuttlebug {Perfect Paisley Folder} Happy Hour {Computer Font} {foam squars} Misc. Brads, Corner Punch, Copic Markers.
I need to get some Skin tone colored Copics. If anyone has a list of the colors they use please post in comments. I Would love to know.
Charlie took the boys to Royal Rangers youth group tonite. I'm headed upstairs to clean my scrap room.
Have a great evening! Thanks for stopping!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Each day....

This card was inspired by Kathi's Corner I visit her blog almost everyday. She makes the prettiest cards.
When i ordered my Truck stamp from SU a while back i ordered this set as well. It's called Artfully Asian. I love little flowers with the leaves. I just don't use them that often.
I think i might be on a new trend. of ... Pretty cards. LOL Or maybe it was just my mood today. I like how it turned out. But i'm not sure if it needs anything else.
Stamp set... Stampin' Up... Papers... White Daisy Base, Blush Textured CS, Inks... Desert Sand, Black- Copic Markers.
I pretty much have the summer off from watching my granddaughters, so i may get some serious scrappin time in and get caught up on my pages. My boys have there summer sports but i need to sign them up for swimming lessons again. They are both in Level 2. And from what i hear they will be in that level for quite a while. They'll have to swim the length of the pool by themselves before they pass to level 3. "No Hurry"
Well i better get movin here we are frying out tonite. Thanks for visiting my Korner of the web. Have a great week!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Look What I found

I was at WalMart the other day and found this cool Circle Shape Cutter in the sewing dept. How cool is this? I think this would be great to use instead of tracing a kitchen plate to make circles or half moons for our pages. It starts at 2" and goes up to 10"
I think it has some scrapping possibilities. :) Don't cha think? It was around $3.00. {edit >> oops it was 10.97}
Just thought i would pass along my little find. Now i just have to use it.
It's a beautiful 79 degrees here and my husband is wrapping the house. I promise to post the 1st picture of the vinyl that goes up on the house, which will be the starter strip. {If you haven't been following our home progress you can look at my labels on bottom right of my sidebar under "Our House In Progress"}
For now we live in the White house. Ha, It's not the ugliest house on the block anymore. It's actually the brightest one on the block. In the past 2 weeks we've had the roof done and the new gutters put up. Down spouts will go on after it's sided.... It's getting there. Sigh
You all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Riley

Do you ever make a card and think... Should i post it or not? That was my thought when i made this one. I was kinda iffy about it, Can't decide if i like it.
Anyway, I'm on my 3rd pair of sample contacts. Seems like my eyes don't like em. I have astigmatism & bifocals. Yesterday when i went to the eye Dr he gave me contacts without the bifocal. He gave me ones that are for mono vision. My left eye for distance and my Right eye for reading. Trying to trick my brain to focus on both at the same time.{it's not working} Distance is very good but i have a hard time seeing close up.{fuzzy} I used my husbands cheater glasses to color Riley.
I think we might try one more time before we call it a day to get my eyes right. Dr said 50% of patients can't wear them. Darn it!
The card... Stamp is Riley, All CTMH Papers, B&T Papers are Coco Cafe {retired}, Brown Ribbon, Conchos with Brads in the centers, Sentiment is from Bella, Copic Markers, I put Prisma Glitter on the cupcake for frosting, can't see it to well.
I've been checking the status on my Birthday gift. My New Post & Pans. They are on the truck and out for delivery. I should have them today. Should i be excited or not? Would you? {Well since it's been 11 years since i had a new set} You could say, I'm looking forward to getting them. LOL
Well that's all i have for today. Have a great one! And thanks for stopping by. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Micah's 1st Practice

Since this was Micah's 1st time playing softball i thought
i would post some pics of his first practice. This was yesterday.

I was going to title this post... Micah & his fans. LOL
{See previous post}
Here, the coaches are dividing the teams.

They are getting there shirts

Making sure the gloves fit. There team is called
The Orange Tigers

Practicing catching the ball.

I think he missed this one but it looks like he's trying really
hard to get it in the glove.
They'll have games on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. But for now i think it's just practice catching and hitting the ball. :)
Well I'm gonna try and get in my scraproom tonight, I need to play with my stuff.
You all have a good evening and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 16, 2008

You're my favorite

When i ordered this stamp "best friends forevah" from Stamping Bella i had my 2 granddaughters in mind. They are 19 months apart. I know as they grow up together they will be the best of friends.
I love how the card turned out but I'm not sure about the color of their faces. I used my Copic Markers but i don't think i have the right skin tone color yet. Or i just grabbed the wrong color.
My eyes are acting up. I'm on my second pair of sample contacts. And they still don't have them right. I may have to go back to glasses for close up. I see the eye Dr on Wednesday and read the chart again to see how I'm seeing. (not to good) it's still pretty blurry.
Anyhoo, The first 2 colors i started with were Cranberry & Ocean (copics) Papers... Retired CTMH Coco Cafe with Cranberry /Ocean CS, Sentiment is from "My Favorite Things" CTMH Ribbon, Copic Markers
Thank You so much for the Happy Birthday Wishes. I had a nice day yesterday. We all went out to my sister's house. Since it was Father's Day she invited my dad & his wife for lunch. Pretty much of my whole family was there. It was good to see everyone. Mostly my dad!! I learned yesterday that my brother Dan lost his Mobile Home. It's pretty much soaked in water. They won't even let him in the Mobile Home Park to get any of his belongings. He said yesterday that he now owns a water bed. Ha He's finding humor in it.

I was just telling Micah my 6 year old that tomorrow he starts his 1st softball game. He said... "You mean i'll be on the field and all the fans will be there" OMG >>> LOL I just said. Well there will be kids, and some parents there to watch. Gosh, Kids...don't they just make your day sometimes?
We're still wrapping the house,
Have a great week. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 13, 2008

What's Up

We had some what of a beautiful day today considering the State of Wisconsin is somewhat flooded. So many people have flooded homes and some have lost everything. (Please Pray)
{edited in} I just found out my brother lost his mobil home. {Watertown WI} It's flooded. He's living with my dad & his wife.
It rained this afternoon for a bit, but they were able to do some wrapping on the house. My son in law helped today while i watched my grandbabies, Christyl was working.
I had a doctor appointment at 11:00 this morning. I've been having some problems, coughing after i eat, clearing my throat, and then at times i loose my voice. My dad had the same thing a few years ago. (He had surgery and had pollops removed from his vocal cords.) So i thought i better get it checked out and see "What's Up" After the Dr put the camera down my n*#@ (yuck) He told me i had a severe case of Acid Reflux. Yikes! He said it was treatable with meds/diet or surgery.
4 Things I have to give up for sure.

1) NO More Coffee (Oh NO Not That... I LOVE My Morning Cups.
2) No More Chocolate... OH Pleeease
3) My Tic Tacs (No more mint)... No problem
4) Tomatoe Based Foods... I love Sketty
I can do this. It was a bit of a shock to hear the news today. But i'm OK :)
{edit note} I have No heartburn or Discomfort with having this AR. Coughing at night is not a problem either.

I have some Good News. Sunday is my Birthday/Father's Day. My husband let me buy a Set of Emeril Ware Pots & Pans. ( I found them on HSN) (My current set is 11 years old)
I guess now that i have to eat differently i'll be cooking more often . Ha
Well that's all that's up in my Korner. We have a busy weekend. My dad will be in town on Sunday, and we'll have a birthday/father's day dinner together with my kids.
Thanks for stopping by... Have a great weekend... & stay dry!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Meghan

It's Meghan's Birthday today. On Saturday the 7th was her Party. In this pic she had just woken up from a much needed power nap. They put her down an hour before her "party friends arrived" LOL She had a runny nose all day so we didn't know if she was coming down with something. She didn't smile all day and that's not her.
I have a little sideshow of pictures of her party if you would like to see them Click Here

My boys had more fun in this bouncy thing than any of the other kids. Mark & Christyl bought it for the party. It takes a minute to inflate. It holds up to 200 lbs of weight and it was only $99.00. Wal Mart on line. Definitely worth it they said.
Anyhoo, we get our new dishwasher today. Yeah!! The roofers got the roof done in a day and 1/2. I'm so thankful it's done.
Provided it doesn't rain on Friday Mark (sil) and Charlie will work on wrapping the house. Than hopefully we'll see some "Vinyl" soon. :)
Thanks for stopping and have a great week!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


The first time i seen this stamp set was on Kathi's Corner She had made some cute cards with hanging coffee cups. I just loved it.
(maybe she'll make another one, hint, hint )
So I bought this set a few months ago. This is the first time it's seen ink. :)
I had a friend call me a few days ago that i haven't heard from in almost a year. She's stopping by for coffee this week. I thought i would give her this card and let her know it was so good to see her. She went through a painful divorce a few years ago (after a 17 year marriage) and life has been hard for her since. Long story.

Anyway, about the card... Stamp set is.. Hot Stuff... from My Favorite Things, CTMH Papers, I used the Crimper and a Ripple Scissors, Paper Pieced the dress, Copic Markers, Bigger Brads.
I'll try and post pics of Meghan Birthday Party this week. She loved her new bike.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a Blessed Week!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Celebrate Life

It's been busy in my world lately. Thursday was my boys last day of school and Thursday evening Micah had his Kindergarten Graduation. It was so cute. All the kids got a little diploma. He's so excited to be a first grader now. And Micah gets to have his same teacher. The first grade teacher has retired after 45 years. WOW. So Micah's Kindergarten teacher took the first grade teaching position. She is such a sweet lady. The kids just love her!
It has been raining here off & on for the last week. We have roofers on stand by but the threat of rain everyday has held them back.
We haven't done anything on the house outside this past week.
Charlie painted the back hall (mud room) and took the interior door off in the kitchen. He wanted to make it look more opened up, which i think it did.
Our dishwasher died after 10 years. We had Sears come out to take a look at it and possibly have it repaired. Well after a $68.00 service call and and an estimate of $400.00. (motor & pump, labor) Yikes. We decided to go shopping for a new one.
We have my granddaughter Meghan's birthday party today. She'll be 2 on the 11th. We bought her her 1st bike & helmet. Can't wait to see her reaction.
I want to say Thank You for stopping by my little corner of the web and leaving me such sweet comments. I appreciate them more than you know. And Thank You to Jenn Sparkle & Jena for the Blogger Awards you gave me. I am honored!! I have learned from some of the best. :)
Blogging is a "Whole Nother World" LOL

Here is a card i made last night. I wanted to try something different for a change so i brought out the "Big Gun"... My Embossing Gun. LOL I haven't used that in forever it seems. It was last year around this time when i was doing my clubs that i embossed last. Anyway, just a simple card.
CTMH Stamp Set Celebrate Life, Papers, Retired B&T Spring Harmony, Amethyst Textured CS, Ink Hydrangea, Butterfly embossed with Blue & and Wintry Frost White, Pop Dots, Ribbon.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Progress On The House

We are making head way on the house. (insert smile here) It was a beautiful weekend, sunny and in the 70's.
I think this is the worst part because of the high peak. While Charlie was up to the top on the ladder i found myself just holding on to the bottom of it. I don't like him being that high up.
My boys wanted me to take them to the park to play tennis. I told them NOT while dad was on the ladder. So what do they do? (Sam) Asks dad if he'll be alright while i take them to the park. Kids?
We got the upper part of the shingles on the front off, and also got it wrapped (all but 1 part) I have a little Slide show so you can see the progress we are making. Next work day maybe Friday. Enjoy!