Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Welcome Back Spring

I was trying to get a simple look when i made this card. I hope it's not too plain.
The title was inspired by a Weather Home Page that said... Welcome Back Spring. I thought it would be a cute title for a card.
Stamp sets used... CTMH Delight in Everything, Works Alphabet, Atomic Upper & Lower Case, Topiary CS for the bottom. Ocean, White Daisy for the mat, Inks... Ocean, Petal, Olive, Pink Gemstones for the flower centers.
The Spring weather here in Wisconsin has been changeable everyday this week. Today it was 50 something.
Monday was a beautiful day. Close to 70 i bet. So i decided to take my granddaughters for a wagon ride. Cailyn (almost 4 months) Screamed the whole time. I got down to the end of our block and turned around and came home. I don't know what she didn't like about it. I had her lying on her back proped up in front of Meghan. Poor Meghan started humming or singing to drown out Cailyn's screaming. OMG it's was such a high pitch scream too. I just wanted to get her in the house. Sorry i didn't get pictures this time. They just wouldn't be pretty. LOL
Thanks for stopping!


Jena said...

What a cute card - love the simplicity! Sorry the wagon ride didn't go as planned - hopefully she will be in a better mood the next time. That's cute that she was trying to drown out the screaming ;-)

Our weather has been crazy, too. It will be nice and warm - like 80 - and then it will get so cold - but at least now it's raining instead of snowing like it did the beginning of this month ;-)

Take care!

Stacy said...

It is very cute. Simple is wonderful! Don't you just hate when you have a good plan (the wagon ride) and it just doesn't go the right way? Maybe next time.