Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's Our Anniversary Today

My Husband & I have been married 11 years. Man it seems like yesterday. As they say, Time Flies when you're having fun. We met at Church. I was church hopping at the time. My daughter left for college in 94 and i wanted to find a new church. (Being a single parent forever. I had this New Life Now.) LOL A friend of mine asked me to come to her church and check out this cute guy that started coming. LOL So i went and ended up sitting right next to him. I felt like i knew him forever. But he wanted nothing to do with me. He went through a painful divorce and did not want a relationship with me or anyone else for that matter. That was ok. I still got to see him at Church & CMA (Christian Motorcycle Assc. /Biker Rallies & Our local Chapter Bible Studies) I got to see him, and know him a little better that way. I fell in love with his heart. He was so sweet! I prayed and told God at one point.. "I just wanted to be his friend" Well that was May of 96 that we met.
My same friend that invited me to her church was having a House Warming Party November 96. Her and her husband had bought a new home. When i got to her house for the Party i asked her if Charlie was invited. She said yes. Cool!! Charlie and i ended up sitting at a table in the corner pinned between people and the wall. So neither one of us could get out. We just talked. He asked me for my phone number and asked if i would go out with him sometime. I said yes i would. (finally) Well our first date we went to dinner and a movie and parked by the lake and just talked for the longest time. The feelings of knowing him forever came back again. I didn't want the evening to end.
The next day i called my dad and told him about my 1st date with Charlie. Charlie called me that same afternoon and i told Charlie that i called my dad and told him about him . He said... i called my Mom and told her about you.. "WOW" We knew that God was doing something but it was happening sooo fast.. 2 months later He proposed to me on bended knee in my living room. We were married 4 months later, in the Church we met in. When i say He is God's gift to me I mean that with all my heart. God is so Good. He had a plan for our life that i could have only dreamed of. And It Came True!! "To God be the Glory"
Do we have a perfect marriage? No But we love eachother and we're committed to one another for life. And I still think... "He's Hot" LOL
We have a sitter for tonight. We are going to dinner ?? but we are definitely going to a movie (Narnia)
We've been working on the house yesterday and today getting it ready for the Tyvek Wrap & starter strip. Then we can start the siding. I never told you what color it was. You'll have to wait and see. (soon)
Thanks for stopping!! And Have a Blessed Weekend!


kari said...

Happy Anniversary!

WE celebrated 10 years in December... time flies when you are having fun... God really does know what is best for us and WHO is best for us!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I know you'll have a wonderful evening out! :)

Sunflowergal74 said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful story - thank you for sharing with us!


Christine said...

Awwwww! That is so sweet. Congratulations! Loved your story.

Bunny B said...

Woohoo!! :) God is Good! I love it when people who are meant for each other fall in love and get married :) Happy Anniversary!!

Sanela Kubiak said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
We should do lunch soon. :)

Kariberry said...

Thank you for your sweet comments! We had a great night out. We went to Applebee's for dinner. And we went to see Narnia.
To be honest with you i never read the books so i can't compare them to the movie. But my husband has, and he said there were a few characters missing from the movie. But overall it was a good. I was happy to see the original kids back. Just a bit older. I have to agree with the comment made on CTMH BB that it was sightly on the dark side. (no blood)
Anyhoo Have a Blessed Memorial Day Weekend. And a Happy Monday!
I'm hoping to start creating again soon. I haven't had much time to myself lately. I watch my grandbabies when my SIL helps at the house.
Thanks again!

Lisa said...

Im late to comment, but just loved your love story.
Thank You,

Nicole said...

Oh Kari that is a darling story I am so glad you shared. Happy Anniversary a little late I am so glad you had a wonderful night!!

Jenn said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys had a fabulous time out! Your story was so sweet and YES go is so good! :D

Kariberry said...

Thanks againg for your sweet comments!

Stacy said...

What a sweet story. Glad you've found the one!