Monday, May 5, 2008

And The Winner Is...

WOW it's Christine ...

Hi Kari!
It's funny you posted about this. I just bought a light box from's on sale for $38 bucks. I'm still fiddling with it, but I love the little tripod it comes with. I also try to use as much natural light as possible. There's a bulb you can buy that's a daylight fluorescent bulb with color temprature between 5000-5600K that will help you get the best lighting.Congrats on the 5K!
Thanks to everyone who played, and for visviting and your input/comments on my blog. It was fun to visit your blogs as well.
I did buy a Light Box and i'm not sure if i'm happy with the results. I like having the lights and the little tripod but i'm not impressed with the backgrounds. Without having to spend more to get a solid background color. Which i could do with CS and a good light bulb. LOL

Christine i'll need your address for shipping the package.
Have a Blessed & Happy Monday everyone!


Christine said...

Yay! Thank you! I can't wait to play! I'll e-mail you my home addy.

I don't really use the back drop it came with either. I just use one of those white presentation boards. The light box from WM was such a great deal though so I love it for everything except the backdrop thing, but that's easy enough to fix.

kari said...

Congratulations Christine!!!