Saturday, May 31, 2008

Have a tail wagging day!

Yep it's Bella! Isn't she cute!?!

I should really be looking these up for myself to see which one this is. I just love this one. This is another image from Sparkle. Thanks!
I had so much fun making this card. The only hoarding problem i have with it is not wanting to give it away. It's the only one i have. LOL
I thought i would try something different i used black twine for the leash. I love how it turned out. Sparkle asked me about the Sentiment... Things Hanna would say. If i loved them or not?  The answer is Yes!
I really thought the sentiments were to small but i think they fit just perfect. I'm posting the sheet that i bought so you can see  what you all get. These are from Hanna Stamps. You can buy Riley's here too.

Charlie is working outside on the front of the house today getting the shingles off. As i write this he's done with it. Now we can start to wrap it. I took pictures so i will post later. It's a beautiful day today, sunny and 70*
Anyhoo, The Stamp is Bella, Papers, CTMH Boom-Di -Ada Level 2, Added Dutch Blue, White Daisy, Buttons & Flowers are CTMH but i believe they are discontinued. Twine, Copic Markers.
Well i better get busy and help my hubby outside.
Have a blessed weekend!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Golf Riley

I think that's who this is? This is another one of the images i got from Sparkle RAK a while back. I'm still playing with the bunch she sent me. {Thank You}
I'm up to 10 hours now wearing my contacts and what i have noticed is the images are not as sharp as I'd like them to be. While i was coloring in this Riley i noticed it to be a little fuzzy. Yikes, Oh well. . Just getting use to them i guess.
My Hanna order came today so I'll be playing with those soon. 2 Riley's and Things Hanna would say. (Sentiments)
We'll be working on the house tomorrow. The upper part of the shingles on the front have to come off yet. That won't take long. Sigh.
All products on this card are CTMH except the stamped image. Papers used... It's a Guy Thing, & Stickease, Pop Dots, Bigger Brads, Metallic Green Pen, Copic Markers.
Thanks for stopping. Any Golfers out there?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Friends for the long haul

I haven't posted anything (paper) in quite a while. It's hard for me to get scrap time/me time lately. I'm not one to stay up till midnight. I'm a morning person. LOL
I miss my mornings when i had them to myself after i took my boys to school. I love having my granddaughters everyday. Things change sometimes. Life happens right?
My boys last day of school is the 6th of June and then it's summer fun. Micah will play softball this summer and Sam wants to play soccer.
I just got my first pair of contact lenses yesterday So far so good. What a difference compared to glasses.
I had fun bringing out this little truck stamp again. As i was putting it together i couldn't help but pick the sentiment.. "friends for the long haul"
Just what does that mean? That no matter what, you 're staying in it. Friends will come and go, but there are those special friends that will stick with you no matter what.
You heard the saying... A true friend is someone who knows everything about you and loves you just the same. I have a few of those kind of friends and i trust them with my heart. I can tell them my deepest joys or hurts and it's safe with them. OK I'm getting a little emotional here. But I've seen some things change on a forum and it hurts. Prayer can change anything for the good.
Anyway back to the card.
Products i used.. Stamps, Stampin' Up, Loads of Love, Loads of Love Accessories, You actually have to stamp the girl in the truck or a man. Some really cute little accessories stamps come with this set.
Papers, CTMH Serendipity, Outdoor Denim, and Ribbon, Foam Squares. Silver Gel Pen, Copic Markers
Thanks for stopping!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Prep Work On the House

We... Well, maybe I should say They (hubby) & SIL worked on the house Friday & Today to get it prepped and ready so we can start to wrap it. There is just a little more prep work to be done.
Here is a little Slide Show Here so you can see the progress we have accomplished this weekend. It doesn't look like much but it's almost ready to wrap & side. Probably by next weekend. Yippee
I'm so excited that this is all happening now. It's a project that we knew had to be done, but put it on the back burner.
I think right now we could "WIN" for having the ugliest house on the block. LOL
Enjoy and thanks for stopping!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's Our Anniversary Today

My Husband & I have been married 11 years. Man it seems like yesterday. As they say, Time Flies when you're having fun. We met at Church. I was church hopping at the time. My daughter left for college in 94 and i wanted to find a new church. (Being a single parent forever. I had this New Life Now.) LOL A friend of mine asked me to come to her church and check out this cute guy that started coming. LOL So i went and ended up sitting right next to him. I felt like i knew him forever. But he wanted nothing to do with me. He went through a painful divorce and did not want a relationship with me or anyone else for that matter. That was ok. I still got to see him at Church & CMA (Christian Motorcycle Assc. /Biker Rallies & Our local Chapter Bible Studies) I got to see him, and know him a little better that way. I fell in love with his heart. He was so sweet! I prayed and told God at one point.. "I just wanted to be his friend" Well that was May of 96 that we met.
My same friend that invited me to her church was having a House Warming Party November 96. Her and her husband had bought a new home. When i got to her house for the Party i asked her if Charlie was invited. She said yes. Cool!! Charlie and i ended up sitting at a table in the corner pinned between people and the wall. So neither one of us could get out. We just talked. He asked me for my phone number and asked if i would go out with him sometime. I said yes i would. (finally) Well our first date we went to dinner and a movie and parked by the lake and just talked for the longest time. The feelings of knowing him forever came back again. I didn't want the evening to end.
The next day i called my dad and told him about my 1st date with Charlie. Charlie called me that same afternoon and i told Charlie that i called my dad and told him about him . He said... i called my Mom and told her about you.. "WOW" We knew that God was doing something but it was happening sooo fast.. 2 months later He proposed to me on bended knee in my living room. We were married 4 months later, in the Church we met in. When i say He is God's gift to me I mean that with all my heart. God is so Good. He had a plan for our life that i could have only dreamed of. And It Came True!! "To God be the Glory"
Do we have a perfect marriage? No But we love eachother and we're committed to one another for life. And I still think... "He's Hot" LOL
We have a sitter for tonight. We are going to dinner ?? but we are definitely going to a movie (Narnia)
We've been working on the house yesterday and today getting it ready for the Tyvek Wrap & starter strip. Then we can start the siding. I never told you what color it was. You'll have to wait and see. (soon)
Thanks for stopping!! And Have a Blessed Weekend!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our Home In Progress

Here ya go... I got some pictures together that i took of our home project we started. What were we thinking?? We knew for years it was something that had to be done. This was the time to tackle it. I'm so excited we started this but at the same time i want it done NOW. LOL I know some of you ladies can relate to that.

We are having a dumpster delivered today. The pile of old siding in the yard covered with plastic looks like a beached whale.
My SIL was helping Saturday while i was watching my granddaughters. My daughter had to work.
One of our close friends who is a contractor and has sided a few houses stopped over last night and told us we do not have to remove the wood siding on the house. (just the asphalt shingles) We can wrap & side right over it. Yippee what a relief!
This job may take us all summer to complete. But we know the end result will be beautiful. Praise God!! I can't wait! We decided not to replace the saufet on the house. That alone saved us a lot of $. All the windows and doors have been replaced already. Foundation will be painted after the siding is completed. Gutters will be replaced as well. I have included a little Slideshow Here for you to see the progress we are making. I will post updates as we make them. Please Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting my little Korner of the Web.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Birthday Hi

My Stampin' Up stuff came Friday. How Fun! I just love this stamp set it is so cute! I seen this set in there new catty and knew i wanted to make something with it.
Products i used. Stamps SU... Loads of Love, Loads of Love Accessories, Itty Bitty Backgrounds, Ink~ Baby Pink, Black, Green Ribbon, SU Photo Corner Punch, Ripple Sissors, Foam Dots, Copic Markers
We have been in our house 10 years and have done many updates to inside. Our house was built in 1890.
So now we are in the process of having the roof done this month. Last week end we started ripping all the asphalt siding off our house. What a job. I love to get dirty and do work like this. My hubby won't let me do ladders, so that's out. Old shingles is 80% tore off to the wood shingles. And from what i hear we have to get them off too before we can wrap it and side it. Just seems like a lot of work. My hubby is the kinda guy that wants it done right the first time. No do overs. I should be thankful for that.
I will post pictures of our house project in the near future.
Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


This is another one of the images Sparkle sent me. I'm not sure which Riley it is, but i want it. He is so cute.
Sometimes when Marjorie colors her images she uses a White Gel Pen to outline. I tried it on Riley's Hat and i liked how it turned out. Thanks for the inspiration!
Products used. CTMH...Rustic Trail Level 2 Papers, Added Orange, Oval Scallop Punch, Corner Punch, Twine, Big Brads, Copic Markers.
Thanks for looking

I've decided to keep the light box i bought a few weeks ago for taking pictures of my cards and pages. It works great now. I bought some of that black & white foam board (cut to fit) and now the backgrounds turn out much better.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Welcome Back Spring

I was trying to get a simple look when i made this card. I hope it's not too plain.
The title was inspired by a Weather Home Page that said... Welcome Back Spring. I thought it would be a cute title for a card.
Stamp sets used... CTMH Delight in Everything, Works Alphabet, Atomic Upper & Lower Case, Topiary CS for the bottom. Ocean, White Daisy for the mat, Inks... Ocean, Petal, Olive, Pink Gemstones for the flower centers.
The Spring weather here in Wisconsin has been changeable everyday this week. Today it was 50 something.
Monday was a beautiful day. Close to 70 i bet. So i decided to take my granddaughters for a wagon ride. Cailyn (almost 4 months) Screamed the whole time. I got down to the end of our block and turned around and came home. I don't know what she didn't like about it. I had her lying on her back proped up in front of Meghan. Poor Meghan started humming or singing to drown out Cailyn's screaming. OMG it's was such a high pitch scream too. I just wanted to get her in the house. Sorry i didn't get pictures this time. They just wouldn't be pretty. LOL
Thanks for stopping!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cailyn's Birth ~ Day

Well i'm not too far behind with pages of my grandbabies. Cailyn my granddaughter was born January 18th this year. These are the only pictures i have of her Birth Day. I need to get the other pictures from my daughter for the 2nd page of this layout.
This page took me a while to put together. I think it was on my scrap table in pieces for the last week.
I've seen some blog talk about Page Maps. So i did a search and found them. They are on there way.
Products used.. Stamp Set... CTMH Flower Child Papers.. CTMH Sweet Pea Level 2 with added Black, Citrus Leaf, Dimensonial Elements Classic Alphabet, Sponged w/ Crystal Blue Ink, (I love how it turned out). Scallop Circle Punches with Foam Squares behind, Scallop Sissors, Deco Corner Punch, Big Pinks, Bigger Brads, Copic Markers And some Bling.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Swinging Shutter Page Protectors

I was watching a scrapbook show this morning and they were doing a layout using Swinging Shutters Page Protectors Here and Here I thought it would be pretty cool to use these in our scrapbooks. So i'm passing along the info. I sometimes always want to use more pics on my pages and these Page Protectors will allow you to do that. They come in a packages of 3 You can also order them in 8 1/2 x 11 and 8x8 for your other sized albums. Check it out!
I have some Stampin Up stamps on order. They were just too cute. I love our clear stamps but Stampin Up has some really cute stamps. I'll post some cards when i get them.
Happy Wednesday! :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring Break Bella?

Maybe Not!
I made this card yesterday. It's inspired by Sparkle. Thank You!
#1) She sent me the image.
#2) She went to College and probably went on Spring Break(Sometime/Somewhere.
#3) She loves Bella!
Gosh, i hope she stops by soon and sees the cards i made in her honor... LOL
"Bella's on Spring Break"?.... Ha Ha ...I think she got a little too much sun. I don't know which Bella this is. So that's what inspired the title.
Products i used... All CTMH CS, Cuttlebug Folder Textile Texture, Mics Flowers/Brads, Sentiment printed on computer, Copic Markers

And The Winner Is...

WOW it's Christine ...

Hi Kari!
It's funny you posted about this. I just bought a light box from's on sale for $38 bucks. I'm still fiddling with it, but I love the little tripod it comes with. I also try to use as much natural light as possible. There's a bulb you can buy that's a daylight fluorescent bulb with color temprature between 5000-5600K that will help you get the best lighting.Congrats on the 5K!
Thanks to everyone who played, and for visviting and your input/comments on my blog. It was fun to visit your blogs as well.
I did buy a Light Box and i'm not sure if i'm happy with the results. I like having the lights and the little tripod but i'm not impressed with the backgrounds. Without having to spend more to get a solid background color. Which i could do with CS and a good light bulb. LOL

Christine i'll need your address for shipping the package.
Have a Blessed & Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sophie Says...

Products i used.... Sophie Stamp - CTMH Atomic upper/lower Case, CS, White Daisy, Watermelon, Clover Meadow, Citrus Leaf, Cuttlebug Folders, Spots & Dots, Heart Blocks, Dew Drops, Organdy Ribbon, Copic Markers

I had some time to myself this morning. Charlie took the boys out for a while so i got to play with one of the images Sparkle sent me. (I love this one) I think it's Hula Sophie. I'm not for sure.
 Anyway, when i looked at this image of Sophie all i could think of was Sophie's better half Riley... LOL... So that's where the title came from. LOL
Thanks for all your photo tips on Blog Candy post. They were all very helpful. I can't wait to pick a winner Monday morning.
I found a Light Box (16x16) at Wal Mart yesterday so i was anxious to try it out. It was $38.00 (was marked 44.00) and when i looked on line they were between $32-49 plus shipping. Yikes (it will take a little getting use too. But i like it so far)
It came with white screen/ sides and Gray, Blue, Black bottom. 2 lights for each side, and a small camera tripod. Plus it comes with the option to order the extra double sided Black/White screen background. $9.95 3.00 S/H
Thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

LOOK What I Got Today...

I received a RAK package today (Random act of kindness) It was from Sparkle Thank You so much! I just love the cards you made. I don't have any of the stamped images you sent me so it will be fun to make these. I just want you to know i love your artwork and i visit your blog everyday. Thanks again! You are a sweet friend!