Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's Up

I've been glued to my computer screen the last 2 days. I don't know how office people can do it everyday. My shoulders, back & butt, have hurt for the last 3 days. LOL I started on Sunday trashing a bunch of stuff in my old e mail acc. And opening a New Yahoo acc. Entering everything and just finding my way around.
I was told many times that e mails were sent to me but i never got them. Frustrating. I 've had my Incredmail acc for the past 8 years. So it was time for a change. On Sunday I sent out a mass e mail giving out my New Addy but only to realize Monday morning (light bulb moment) that i already had acc with yahoo opened in January. (bella group) So i sent another mass e mail telling my contacts that there was another e mail change. Did i feel like an idiot? Heck No.... I love my online friends & family, and i was hopping they would understand my slight brain freeze. LOL
Yahoo offers so much more. (no advertisements please) Yesterday i was able to chat on instant messages with 3 different ladies. How cool was that.
I want to thank all who come and visit my Little Korner of the web. I appreciate your friendship and the comments you leave!!
Monday my 3 months are up. Yikes My daughter goes back to work and i get my grandbabies again for 5 hours in the morning. I loved the free time i had after i got my boys off to school. Things will be different again. I'll have to try and scrap in the afternoon. I'm not a night person so i won't be up till midnight. I need my sleep.
My hubby is starting a Bee Keeping Hobby with a friend. "Just for Honey"... Hee Hee... you'll have to check this out. Here "Dancing Honey Bees" It is amazing how smart they are. And as my husband would say... "How God created them"
I'm so relieved my husband will not be keeping the Bees at the house. They will be out in the country at his friends house.

Well that's about it here. Things are back to normal and the system is up and running.
Thanks for stopping by. I'm expecting some New stamps and Copic Markers. Oh that'll be fun. Can't wait.

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