Monday, April 21, 2008

What Do You Think?

I've been wanting a Blog Header for quite a while and my CTMH friend Nicole did this for me today. I supplied her with the header and the picture and she did it right on line, Yahoo Instant Messenger and Photo Shop. I just love her. ( Thanks Nicole) She is a sweetheart!
The picture is Ty Pennington from Extreme Home Makeover. The Extreme Team came to Dundee WI October 2006. (Koepke family got a new home) They were 30 miles from our home. My family and I went on Sunday for the demolition and then my daughter and I went on the following Thursday.
With my boys in school and having my granddaughter it was hard to get away to go everyday. I was just so happy to see them in person and to get Ty's picture. It was Awesome!
Well i took up too much of my day sitting here so now i need to get some real work done.
Happy Bloggin, and thanks for stopping by!

{Edit} Just an FYI... I bought the Blog Header from Shabby Shoppe BLOGwear. It was $2.50. After checkout she'll e mail you the download zipped, save it. Unzip it and put it together in PS. Which i want to learn to do.


Christine said...

Love your banner. I have to get one. Thanks for sharing!

Kathi Carlson said...

Your blog looks great. I love the banner. I think I bought mine from the same place. It's kind of like redecorating without spending a bundle of money!

Nicole said...

Super cute Kari!! I love the banner but I must say the darling man in the picture makes it all the better!

Nicole said...

Kari, it's awesome! I love Ty and would totally have loved to have done something like that.

I love the header!