Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Only a TV

Yes, but it's a Philips HD 42" Flat Screen TV. How cool is that! We got our Tax Relief check yesterday and we had plans on spending some of it on a New TV (helping to stimulate the economy) So here it is. The picture quality is incredible and we don't even have HD yet. NO glare on the TV from windows either. Meghan my granddaughter is enjoying Blue Clues this morning.
We watched Narnia last night. That is an awesome movie! *
(Some don't like it, but i think they really don't grasp and understand the true meaning of it)
*As Sammy would call it... "Family Night" pop corn, a movie, and we all sit together. LOL
I haven't posted anything in almost a week. I've been running and when i do sit down to make something it's time to run off again. I'm getting pictures together of my granddaughters for a layout so hopefully I'll have that soon.
WOW, I noticed my blog hit over 5000 views "Thank You! for visiting my Korner of the Web". I'll be posting a "Goody Package" post soon. All you'll have to do is leave a comment and i will draw a name and ship you the goodies. How easy is that. Just my way of saying Thank You! (In the blog world they call it blog candy)
Well my mornings are full with watching my granddaughters M-F and all the running and home chores. Yikes (deep breath)
I'll be back soon.

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Veronica said...

Hey sweetie, I got the copics in and they will be going out in the mail to you on monday plus a little surprise....hugs Veronica