Wednesday, April 30, 2008

L@@K Blog Candy

WOW, Thank You for stopping by.
I'm celebrating my Blog hitting 5000 hits. I thought it would be fun to have my first Blog Candy Give Away. :)
All you have to do is leave a comment, here or a tip on how you take your pictures before you post them on your blog. Any special lighting, Back drops? We would love to know.
Than on Monday morning May 5th I will draw 1 winner and post your name and request your address to ship you your Goody Package. This is fun. Don't be shy.
There's a lot of goodies here. 1 - 8 1/2 x 11 Sheet of Cling Foam for your unmounted stamps. Sandal Foot note pad. (nice business tool) CTMH Stampset ( D1218 Summertime) CTMH Booking Set w/ 1" Block, CTMH Pewter Clips, Lots of Stamped Images. Bellas, Riley & The Gals, and a few others. I'm also including The Gals card i made.. "He's Hot"
I hope you play. Thanks!

{Edit} My Photo Tip... For right now i use Black/White 12x12 CS as my back drop and I try to use daylight with no flash when i take pictures of my cards and pages. I hate the lamps i have. LOL

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Only a TV

Yes, but it's a Philips HD 42" Flat Screen TV. How cool is that! We got our Tax Relief check yesterday and we had plans on spending some of it on a New TV (helping to stimulate the economy) So here it is. The picture quality is incredible and we don't even have HD yet. NO glare on the TV from windows either. Meghan my granddaughter is enjoying Blue Clues this morning.
We watched Narnia last night. That is an awesome movie! *
(Some don't like it, but i think they really don't grasp and understand the true meaning of it)
*As Sammy would call it... "Family Night" pop corn, a movie, and we all sit together. LOL
I haven't posted anything in almost a week. I've been running and when i do sit down to make something it's time to run off again. I'm getting pictures together of my granddaughters for a layout so hopefully I'll have that soon.
WOW, I noticed my blog hit over 5000 views "Thank You! for visiting my Korner of the Web". I'll be posting a "Goody Package" post soon. All you'll have to do is leave a comment and i will draw a name and ship you the goodies. How easy is that. Just my way of saying Thank You! (In the blog world they call it blog candy)
Well my mornings are full with watching my granddaughters M-F and all the running and home chores. Yikes (deep breath)
I'll be back soon.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

Poducts i used... Fishing Riley, Paper Pack CTMH Retired Coco Cafe, I tore paper into strips and layed it out on White Daisy card base, Black, Cranberry, White Daisy, Garden Green, Twine, Brads, Computer, Copic Markers

As i tried to escape to my scraproom today my boys wanted to make cards with me. When Sam seen me using my new Copic Markers to color in my Riley. He was so excited and wanted to use them to color in his Riley image i stamped for him. I said no Sam, I'm sorry but you can't use these. They are artist markers and expensive. His reply was... "I'm an artist too, so i can use them". Well it took some convincing on my part, and the whinning stopped. He was on his way using his markers and colored pencils.
I am thrilled that they want to stamp and be creative with me. But....

Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

What Do You Think?

I've been wanting a Blog Header for quite a while and my CTMH friend Nicole did this for me today. I supplied her with the header and the picture and she did it right on line, Yahoo Instant Messenger and Photo Shop. I just love her. ( Thanks Nicole) She is a sweetheart!
The picture is Ty Pennington from Extreme Home Makeover. The Extreme Team came to Dundee WI October 2006. (Koepke family got a new home) They were 30 miles from our home. My family and I went on Sunday for the demolition and then my daughter and I went on the following Thursday.
With my boys in school and having my granddaughter it was hard to get away to go everyday. I was just so happy to see them in person and to get Ty's picture. It was Awesome!
Well i took up too much of my day sitting here so now i need to get some real work done.
Happy Bloggin, and thanks for stopping by!

{Edit} Just an FYI... I bought the Blog Header from Shabby Shoppe BLOGwear. It was $2.50. After checkout she'll e mail you the download zipped, save it. Unzip it and put it together in PS. Which i want to learn to do.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Body By Chocolate Chip

Products used... Chocolate Stamp, CTMH Textured CS Spring Iris B&T, CuttleBug Folder D'Vine Swirl, Black, White Daisy, Black Ribbon, Square Brads, W/C Pencils, Copic Markers

This Stamp is from American Art Stamp Emmerson Quillin line. They are just too funny. . . I can't remember the last time i laughed so hard. They are funnier than Maxine. (MHO) The caption on the card says... Listen Honey- The Dress is By Ralph Lauren... The Body By Chocolate Chip. LOL (Let's face it, we will all be there one day)

We're watching a Disney movie with the boys tonite. Water Horse. Should be good.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What A Great Week

My Copic Markers arrived this week. I've been playing with those. How fun is that! They are everything they claim to be.. "The Cream of The Crop" There are a few other colors i'll need to get yet.
I used watercolored pencils on the face of this image because i didn't have a Copic close to color. I love how it turned out.
I had my granddaughters this week as well. Meghan is 22 months and loves to play and watch "Bar Mon" (Barney) LOL She is so cute and is really starting to talk. The other day Christyl my daughter had just gotten here from work, she stayed to feed Cailyn. Meghan decides she has to poop so she goes and stands somewhere away form us. We knew she just went. So i went over to pick her up to change her and I said... "You Reek" She immediately said "I WEEK" We about died with laughter. Than she kept saying it. I still LOL when i think of it.
Cailyn is 3 months old and sleeps the whole time she's here. She is starting to smile a lot and Coo, and make those cute baby sounds.
Here in another card i made from American Art Stamps
I love this one because I've often asked myself what i would do if i were Disconnected from the Internet? I really don't want to answer that. Ha.. It would be a Nightmare. LOL
Products i used.... Disconnected, CTMH Retired B&T Spring Iris , Baby Pink Ribbon, Dew Drops W/C Pencils & Copic Markers

Here is Waterskier Riley. I love how it turned out. I almost changed the title to "Ooh Sophie." LOL That's his girlfriend i think. I haven't quite figured that one out yet. Anyway
Products i used... Riley, CTMH Textured Heavenly Blue CS, Majestic Blue Level 2, Black, White Daisy, Doodle Alphabet, Twine Dew Drops, Ripple Sissors, Copic Markers.

Thanks for stopping. Enjoy your week end!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"He's Hot"

Oh My Gosh i hope you laugh as hard as i did. When i first seen this stamp line. I laughed so hard my sides hurt. Another CTMH Sistah Laurel got me hooked on these. Check Here These are so fun. They look like a coulpe of Old Beatniks. LOL
Products used.... Emerson Quillin Stamp, CTMH Doodle Alphabet, CS, Silhouette Level 1, Bamboo, White Daisy, Cranberry, Black Ink, Prisma Glitter, Ripple Sissors, Eyelets, Water Colored Pencils

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Spring....

Since it's Spring i thought i would give my blog a New Face Lift and add a New Springy Color.
I love this time of year. Everything is starting to Bloom again after a cold wintery freeze and over 80" of snow now gone. With the weather getting nicer i can't wait to spend more time outdoors with my boys and my grandbabies. When my boys were little and they both fit in their red wagon i would take them for wagon rides around the neighborhood. Oh did they love that! We still have that red wagon so i'll be taking my granddaughters for rides real soon. Sam & Micah can ride their bikes.{no argument there} I'll post pictures when we venture out on warmer days.
My postings on my blog may slow down a bit but i'll try to keep up. My daughter goes back to work tomorrow and i get my grandbabies again 5 hours in the morning. Busy Busy. How do working moms do it. I'm a stay at home mom and i wish there were more hours in a day sometimes.
My hubby has been busy this week end building his Bee Keeping boxes. And getting them ready for there first shipment of Honey Bees on Saturday. I'm so thankful he wouldn't be keeping them here. He say's it would be ok though. "I think NOT" Thanks hon.
Well that's about it from My Korner of the Web
Thanks for stopping by!

Have a Blessed Day and Springy Days Ahead! This card is for you! "Happy Heartfelt Thanks"

Card inspired from SU {Stampin' Up} Products i used.... My Sewing Machine, Stampsets... CTMH Friendship Blessing, Brushstroke Flowers, SU Stamps Heartfelt Thanks, Itty bitty Backgrounds,
CTMH CS... Outdoor Denim, Brown Bag, Garden Green, Cranberry, White Daisy
Inks ... Hollyhock Olive, Autumn Terracotta, Dimenional Elements Ribbon Accents, Dome Happy Sticker, twine

Thursday, April 10, 2008

BLOOM where your're planted

It's Garden Riley.... Isn't he cute! Soon we'll be planting flowers here in WI. Calendar says it's Spring... but the temp is like 34 today with rain. Brrr. Maybe by May.
Garden Riley Stamp by Hanna Stamps. Corner & Scallop Oval Punch, Sentiment printed on the computer. Foam Dots, CTMH CS, Blush, Textured Spring Iris, Hydrangea, White Daisy (cuttlebug folder Perfect Paisley) Water Colored Pencils, Dew Drops
Thanks for stopping

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Granddaughters

Here are my two granddaughters Cailyn & Meghan. Pictures taken on two different days. Cailyn in pink was taken on the 3rd of April and the two of them together in March. They are 19 months apart. They are such a blessing to us.
Ya know what they say about being a grandparent? It is the most wonderful/rewarding thing next to being a mother. I've got the best of both worlds. Having 6 & 8 year old boys at home and having granddaughters with them so close together. My boys just love them.

It's funny how different both girls look. Meghan is a little Christyl (my daughter) at that age. And Cailyn looks just like her daddy when he was a baby.
It's the most rewarding thing to see my daughter become a wife and mother. God is so good! I thank Him everyday for the wonderful blessings He has given us.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's Up

I've been glued to my computer screen the last 2 days. I don't know how office people can do it everyday. My shoulders, back & butt, have hurt for the last 3 days. LOL I started on Sunday trashing a bunch of stuff in my old e mail acc. And opening a New Yahoo acc. Entering everything and just finding my way around.
I was told many times that e mails were sent to me but i never got them. Frustrating. I 've had my Incredmail acc for the past 8 years. So it was time for a change. On Sunday I sent out a mass e mail giving out my New Addy but only to realize Monday morning (light bulb moment) that i already had acc with yahoo opened in January. (bella group) So i sent another mass e mail telling my contacts that there was another e mail change. Did i feel like an idiot? Heck No.... I love my online friends & family, and i was hopping they would understand my slight brain freeze. LOL
Yahoo offers so much more. (no advertisements please) Yesterday i was able to chat on instant messages with 3 different ladies. How cool was that.
I want to thank all who come and visit my Little Korner of the web. I appreciate your friendship and the comments you leave!!
Monday my 3 months are up. Yikes My daughter goes back to work and i get my grandbabies again for 5 hours in the morning. I loved the free time i had after i got my boys off to school. Things will be different again. I'll have to try and scrap in the afternoon. I'm not a night person so i won't be up till midnight. I need my sleep.
My hubby is starting a Bee Keeping Hobby with a friend. "Just for Honey"... Hee Hee... you'll have to check this out. Here "Dancing Honey Bees" It is amazing how smart they are. And as my husband would say... "How God created them"
I'm so relieved my husband will not be keeping the Bees at the house. They will be out in the country at his friends house.

Well that's about it here. Things are back to normal and the system is up and running.
Thanks for stopping by. I'm expecting some New stamps and Copic Markers. Oh that'll be fun. Can't wait.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Some Neat News

I Thought i would share some neat news. Our local News Paper runs a section every Saturday called "Camera Corner" (entries are from Sunday to Friday) I thought it would be fun to enter a picture i took of my boys and my sister's dog last January 2007 called... Superheroes Save K-9 Well i entered it and i received an e mail on Wednesday saying it would be in the Camera Corner On-Line Gallery today click Here ( look to the right April 5th) They said it may also be considered for publication. They also choose a "Photo of the Week" There was a lot of nice pictures to choose from. There's only 6 pictures in the paper each week. We'll find out today if it made it. My boys will be so excited, Oh, and not to mention my sister, it was her dog Shmily (see how much i love you)
I also did a scrapbook page last year with that picture. I'll post my SB page today.
Thanks for stopping by.

{Edit} There photo didn't make it in todays paper. But it is on the On-line gallery, link above. Here is the layout i did of the only photo i had.
Products Used... CTMH Reflections Base Pages (Indian Corn Blue) Dutch Blue, Sunny Yellow CS, w/Red behind, Not sure of CTMH B&T, Cricut~ Plate Tags and lots of Eyelets, Brads