Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I wish i could look like that when i did my gatherings. LOL... This would be a cute invite to send out for a Scrapbooking/Crop Night.
Stamp used.. Stampingbella (Bella) CTMH... Sweet Harmony Level 2 Paper Kit, CS Hydrangea, Bubblegum, Paper Pieced her dress with Silhouette Level 2, Bigger Brads, Flowers ? Colored pencils and Gel Roll Pens & Some Bling.


Anonymous said...

Ok I love your bella and fella artwork and tahnks so much for helping a girl out with my ? on the bb! Take care! ~Shannon

Tickle Me Pink said...

You've been on a roll with your bellas!! They are too cute ^_~ Love your Fella too :D

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Bridget said...

tee hee, I like what you did with her luggage. I was on one of my SBS's site and I always like to chose at least somebody else's blog I never seen. Very nice work :D