Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Say Ahhhhh

My 8 year old son Sam had his Orthodontics appt. this morning. Poor guy has his upper mouth/teeth full of brackets, bands & wires. Just over a year ago at Sams regular dental appt. we found out through xrays that his 12 year molars were coming down crooked on top of his 6 year molars and killing the roots. Yikes. So needles to say he had to have those 2 upper - 6 year molars pulled to make room for the 12 year molars to come in. Well the 12 year molars were not coming in straight but on an angle. So here's where the Orthodontics comes in. Dr had to put brackets on his other upper molars so they would pull his other teeth foward to make room for the 12 year molars to come down straight. (still with me) If not treated he would have quite a mess in his mouth, his teeth would be everywhere.

Sam cried today after his appt. Dr had to put a different bridge device on the upper roof of his mouth. But the painful thing about it is, it has to be tighten everyday. Dr gave us a little wire tool that i have to hook up to the roof of his mouth and give it a crank. "Ouch" In time it will actually widen his upper jaw outward. He'll have to wear this device for 3 to 4 months.
Sam just wants it all out of his mouth. We try to explain to him that it's for his own good that he has this done now. Because later in his life it will be all worth it when all his teeth are straight and where they should be.

In light of all this it's kinda neat that i got braces last June. I never had them when i was younger (I needed them) but just never did it. $$ Well when i got my braces Sam felt so much better because we both had a mouth full of wires. And there were certain foods neither one of us could eat. I guess you can say.... I feel his pain. (well kinda)

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Y. Poulsen said...

Poor boy! My teeth hurt just looking at all that stuff in his mouth! I had braces when I was a child, but I never had them tightened EVERYDAY! He is brave!