Monday, March 3, 2008

It's Monday

Me and the boy's are surviving here while my hubby is visiting his family in Florida till the 8th.
He has been seen popping in on a few posts, commenting on my artwork. =) Thanks hon! We Miss You >>>> XOXOXO<<<< can't wait to see you!!
Yesterday afternoon my boys school had a family fun day at a "Germ Infested" Indoor Water Park. LOL We went and they had a blast. It was hard to get them to leave. ( you know how that is) But when you tell them... "we'll come back again" It makes leaving a little easier. Not

I have been enjoying my time off from daily part time babysitting my granddaughters. (I miss them) My daughter is on maternity leave for 3 months which gave me time off as well. I have been getting reacquainted with my scrap room, goodies, toy's, tools, and creating again. LOL It's been fun. Not to mention relaxing and the feeling of accomplishment when the pages are completed, and they have a voice and a story to tell, and not just preserved in a photo book.
I've been so far behind on pages, so I'm playing catch up right now. I have a few events like birthday pages i need to complete.
Well, my boys will be up very shorly and my day will begin by getting them ready and off to school, errands, and the daily chores of a... "Stay at home Mom".
It's Monday... Have a Blessed Day!!

Oh and today i'm sending out my very first blogger RAK (random act of kindness) package. Who will it be!?!


Sunflowergal74 said...

I think your RAK was meeeeee! LOL
Kari you are sooo awesome! Thank you so much for all my goodies but especially, yes ESPECIALLY my Bella's! Oh my goodness they are sooo lovely - and clean and beautiful I cannot wait to play with them!

I love all the other goodies too and you were so funny with the CD cases - and I have to ask what is the lovely little bottle of purple pretties? I keep pouring them out into my hand and back into the adorable little bottle they come in.

thank you sooo much for all my wonderful presents. It was a good day for some happy mail! I needed it!

scrapbookcrafty_mom said...

Sorry, I had to chuckle at the "maturity leave"...I'm hoping it's just a funny slip!
Love your stuff here and on the CTMH BB.

Kariberry said...

Thanks for your comment and pointing that out. It wasn't a funny slip. I should get the bad spellers award or have Kathi proof read my stuff before i post it. LOL But i really don't think she has time. =)
Happy Bloggin