Saturday, February 23, 2008

What's Up...

It's no fun being sick. And i really didn't feel much like creating anything when i'm sneezing, blowing and coughing all over everything. LOL Today is a better day though. Seems like the congestion has broken and i'm not coughing.
My hubby is getting ready for his trip to Florida to visit his family (dad & stepmom) He had no contact with his father for 20 years. And 2 1/2 (June 05) years ago his dad found him/us through the internet and contacted him. We made plans right away to drive to FL and visit them Thanksgiving 2005. What a Happy Father & Son Reunion that was.
We have kept in touch these last few years. e mail letters, pictures. My husband misses his family terribly so i suggested he should just go and spend time with them. We'll be alright here and i can hold down the fort for 13 days. LOL
God is Good

I must be going through Bella withdraws. LOL I have this fun bella card idea stuck in my head. Maybe today?
Happy Saturday


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're starting to feel better! Have a good weekend!

Kariberry said...

Thank you Sparkle that was nice of you. I'm feeling much better today.