Saturday, February 2, 2008

They Went Ice Fishing Again

It's Sammy's first time ice fishing today. I hope they catch some fish. The boys each have foot warmers for the inside of their boots. Toasty warm!! They left at 6:00am and probably won't be home till noon.
I've got a ton of stuff I wanna get done today. Cleaning my scraproom is one of them. I would love to get some pages done as well. I've got a CTMH party on Friday and need to prepare for that.

Have a Blessed Saturday!


Sunflowergal74 said...

You ROTTEN WOMAN! Tagging me! I'm way too exhausted to even CONSIDER doing this tonight And with a middle name like mine it's going to take a lot of THINKING to get it

Look for it in the next few days - I'll try to get it done - and where I'm going to find 13 people to tag... I dunno!


Kariberry said...

HA, Go For It!! =) So glad you wanna play.