Wednesday, February 20, 2008

She Loves Her Dog...

Ok first off this is a card i made for my sister for her birthday last November. She is so in love with her dog that i knew she would love this. I used the Cuttlebug, folders,Chalk, CTMH CS & Embellishments.

Told ya... She loves her dog. LOL My sister had me come out to her new home weeks before Christmas 07 and take pictures of her dog "SHMILY" (See How Much I Love You)
She wanted to use this for her Christmas card. It was so cool. It even started snowing durning shmily's photo shoot. I started a scrapbook page using this picture but i'm waiting for my sister to write up the journaling to go with it. (SHMILY'S side of the story. (We're Home for Christmas) Long story short, my sister had 3 back surgery's the last 3 years and could no longer keep her mobile home and had to sell it and move in with her daughter while SIL was in Iraq for 15 months. My sister told everyone that they were homeless. LOL (her & shmily) She has since bought a home. So i wanted to get shmily's side of the story.
This picture crackes me up.


Nicole said...

Love your card and the dog story Cari super funny!! Thanks for sharing.

iamjaytee said...

sorry if I did something wrong posting here, I thought it was okay, because this blog was posted re: Kisha on the BB's. I am unfamiliar with blogs, but looking around at everyones friends blogs, I see it is a pretty exclusive group, sorry for intruding!

Kariberry said...

You didn't intrude at all. It's nice to meet new people.