Monday, January 14, 2008

I Was Tagged by Marjorie

Marjorie Tagged me. Answer the ?'s 1-9 add one ? of your own.
Hope I did this right. LOL

1)Name your two favorite scrapbooking topics: My kids & my Granddaughter
2) Where are the two best places you've been to: Florida- Mexico
3) Name two things you do every day: Drink coffee & snuggle my boys.
4) Tell us two things that pretty much everyone knows about you: I love to scrapbook & I'm a Christian.
5) Tell us two things that everyone DOESN'T know about you: I hate the game Monopoly. And I just got braces @ age 50 =}
6) Tell us two things that got you into the hobby of scrapping: My daughter’s g/f Sheila started scrapbooking in 2002 and showed me her books. I fell in love with the idea and wanted to start my own. I got my 1st scrapbook kit at Wal-Mart. LOL (and never used it) I starting ordering stuff from Creative Memories.
And also my kids

7) Tell us two things that you want to accomplish in the next six months: Take a Photo Class, Getting a lot of scrapbook pages done.
8) Name your two favorite scrapping tools: My paper cutter (Making Memories Rotary cutter) and the Cricut.
9) Name your two favorite sources of scrapping inspiration: CTMH Cherish & Imagine Books and Magazines & my kids.

My Question: Who will inherit your scrapbooks? My boys/kids.

I tagged Sheila & Jaci

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Tickle Me Pink said...

I'm so glad you played! :D It was fun to read a little more about you. BTW your granddaughter on the post below is adorable!!!